Also your dog needs a special regime in the summer heat

what to put on a dog's dry nose

Outside there is warm weather, which brings health traps both in humans and in our dogs, which are very badly tolerated by heat. Together with experts, here are some tips and advice on how to help our four-legged friends survive the summer heat in health. So what to put on a dog’s dry nose ? Let us see.

How best to cool a dog?

Unlike people, the dog cannot help sweating from the heat. Dogs do not have sweat glands, so they cool down by quickly breathing and stroking their tongue. However, this mechanism is not nearly as effective as sweating, so animals on hot summer days have a greater problem with maintaining proper body temperature. Therefore, it is important that the dog was exposed to heat only for the necessary short time.

what to put on a dog's dry nose

At home, the dog should be in a well-ventilated area. Although you may have your rules, allow him access and lying down in the coolest places in the apartment these days. Airflow also helps, so ensure adequate ventilation. The dog’s circulating air cools more effectively than staying alone in a cold environment.

The ability to endure the heat in a dog also affects his coat. Logically, it may seem that a haired dog tolerates summer heat better than that longhaired. But the opposite is true. Longer hair helps the dog cool, keep in the shade and maintain thermal regulation of the body. If you cut the dog for a short time, there may be a rapid overheating, heat stroke or even burned skin from the sun. However, the coat is well insulated only when it is well combed, under the hair is hotter and the dog may have unpleasant skin problems. You can coat dog hair with creams with a high UV factor.

Drinking regimen is important in dogs

Count on the fact that the dog in times of heat significantly drinks more. Make sure that there is always enough water in the bowl. But avoid icy water, which can harm rather than refresh. Due to the high temperatures in the apartment, the water in the bowl also deteriorates faster remember to change it frequently. If the dog seems to drink little, you can taste the water with honey, glukopurem, a little non-fatty broth.

Whose dog to feed?

High temperatures are not a reason to change the dog’s diet. However, it is likely that most dogs will eat less in the heat. If it is cooked or canned food, never leave food in a bowl in the heat while the dog may be dreaming later. Also, be careful to keep the next portion on the next day. Always prepare fresh. If you have to keep the open can or cooked food until the next day, keep it in the refrigerator at all times.

If you feed your dog only with dry granules in the summer, it should have sufficient water supplies, because the granules themselves contain little water and you need to supply the water to a sufficient extent especially in summer. Always feed your feed so that the dog is at least an hour at rest, otherwise there may be a risk of stomach complications.

Cedrick Goodyear