Best miter saw for craftsmanship

mitre saw reviews

Miter saw is a device used to crosscut the object at the preferred angle with precision, it is most commonly used to mold or trim a workpiece or any object. It is typically used for picture frames, door frames, crown molding, window casings and many more. Most of the miter saw is portable and small so it is very easy to carry them and travel if needed. Now a day’s people would like to design their house interior at own and design furniture like a showcase, shoe case, cupboard and many. So. it is necessary for them to gather little knowledge about miter saw and its operation. Before purchasing go for the mitre saw reviews for better product

There are different types of miter saw

  • Power miter saw
  • Compound miter saw
  • Dual compound miter saw
  • Sliding compound miter saw
  • Laser miter saw

All these types of miter have a different working condition with a different angle and use.

Power Miter saw: It is also called a drop saw, this type gives a quick and accurate cut of the workpiece with the selecting angle. Generally, it is used to mold, trim or cut a workpiece, blades size ranging from 8inch to 12inch. It is basically used for framing cut about 45 degrees.

mitre saw reviews

Compound miter saw: It has a rotating ability of the head and blade a wide range of angles that allow angle cutting beyond just 90 degrees. It is usually used for trimming. It is also called as a single compounding miter saw, that means its head rotates only when the angle is to one side; this means that user has to flip the board in order to get the angle cuts in a different direction.

Dual compound miter saw: It is mostly used for the decorative part at home. It allows the head rotation on both the sides left and right.

Sliding compound miter saw: It gives the to and fro both moment of the sliding rail. It helps to lock the rails to use for pulls down cuts (like chop saws), straight, with the sliding feature engaged.

Laser/LED miter saws: There are few miters saw which has a laser cutting property for good precision and perfection. A washer which is disc-shaped is present that allows it to be attached to the saw blade.

There are many brands which offer different types of miter saw as per the buyer’s requirement and as per their safety purpose also. Different brands with various properties and price are as follow.

Makita XSL06PT10” dual bevel sliding compound miter saw with laser kit: Its price is $569.

Dot power 12” dual bevel miter saw (sliding compound) with laser and LED: Its price is $221.99.

Hitachi C12RSH2 miter saw with stand and blade: Its price is $568.96.

Kobalt 12” dual bevel sliding compound miter saw: Its price is $339.98.

Hitachi C15FB15” 15AMP miter saw: Its price is $889.99.

Festoon Kapex KS 120 sliding compound miter saw: Its price is $1475.

All of the above are a few brands of miter saw with various range of price with different types of the saw.

Cedrick Goodyear