Choose the coffee machine: list of things to consider:

best espresso machine under 500

The capacity of the water tank is important if you want to make many consecutive coffees, or do not want to have to constantly reach behind the machine to fill the water tank. You can buy coffee machines that make two coffees at a time, but we have discovered that some of them do not distribute the coffee equally between the two cups some may be around 10ml or a third of a coffee cup. You will also have the best espresso machine under 500 .

Most famous brands

But you’ll also find machines from supermarket brands such as Argos and Tesco. You will find cheap models that can make great coffee and some are really a surprise, but you’ll need to decide if appearance matters to you, as budget options won’t necessarily shine in your work plan.

Styles and colours of the machines

Retro style machines, red or blue, with a stainless steel finish. You’ll find an infinite number of styles, colours and finishes that can look good in your kitchen. In addition, some machines also have matching teapots and toasters.

Easy to use

The bartender could make it seem simple, but knowing how to best use a coffee machine, including levers, buttons and filters can be a difficult task.

Express speed

Speed ​​is important for coffee lovers in a hurry, and the average time your coffee maker takes is not something you can know until you try it. Good machines take less than 15 seconds to make 30ml of coffee and stop dripping, while the cheapest ones can take up to 30 seconds to produce 30ml plus another 30 seconds before they stop dripping completely.

Accessories for coffee machines

It is worth seeing which accessories, if any, come to you with the model you are thinking of buying. Items like milk tins, milk jugs, coffee grinders and paired cups and teaspoons all add up to the experience of making coffee, so if there is no complimentary accessory. It’s worth seeing if you can bargain with the seller to have someone.

Drip tray or collector

They should be simple to lift and remove, without scattering the coffee left over anywhere. The stain-resistant steel trays require both to be polished and to be clean.

Filter holder

When you are in the store, see if you can easily insert and remove the filter holder of the machine which encloses the filter containing the coffee, and has a handle. Some models have complicated and rigid mechanisms, which means to struggle with the machine whenever you want to make a coffee.

Your coffee preferences

best espresso machine under 500

With automatic vending machines and traditional espresso ground coffee, you can use any type of grain or ground the coffee, according to your tastes. Some of the leading coffee experts recommend strong and dark roasting and favour the Arabica, which offers warmth and richness.

If you plan to buy a capsule or pod machine, it is worth checking out which drinks are available in the range, to make sure they come with your tastes, as you are limited by the capsules that are compatible with the machine, which are often limited to one brand.

Cedrick Goodyear