Cleaning With the Best Equipment No More a Problem

It is essential first and foremost to think carefully about your needs in order to determine the number of hours per week needed by your housekeeper for the maintenance of your home. The best is to rely on the time you put in cleaning your house.

When I go to a service provider, can I choose my housekeeper?

The duty of good management imposed by the State on approved organizations guarantees the individual the freedom of choice of his or her household worker. Thus some organizations offer the possibility to their customers to change housekeeper until satisfaction. Others set up a prior visit to the individual to correctly determine their needs in terms of household services and their expectations, and then offer suitable staff. This method avoids unpleasant surprises. With you can choose the best.

What can I ask my housekeeper? What is meant by “household chores”?

The activities of a housekeeper are varied from cleaning windows or floors to cleaning sanitary appliances, appliances or furniture, storage. She can also handle laundry and ironing.

Do I have to be present at my home? Do I have to give my keys to the housekeeper?

It’s for you to see! Your presence at home is not mandatory, and in case you have to leave you must leave a double of your keys to your cleaning lady. Remember that hiring a housekeeper is based on a relationship of trust.

Do I need to provide cleaning products?

For the housekeeper Paris or other major cities, it is often up to you to provide cleaning products. These household products must be in compliance with legislation and safety standards. They must be kept in their original packaging so that the worker can consult the instructions for use and the warnings. Do not forget to indicate the location of cleaning products and equipment (vacuum cleaner, broom). In some (rare) cases, home help can come with own equipment.

How are the rates calculated? How can I be assured of a quality service?

We do not advise you to negotiate the salary of your housekeeper because a valued salary is the guarantee of the quality of the intervention. Conversely, it is entirely possible for you to negotiate management fees, administrative fees and subscription fees.

The structures delivering personal services must be approved. There are two types of approval: simple approval and quality approval, but there are also quality certifications.

The tariff inclusive of a cleaning lady includes his salary and the social charges. The hourly amount of these social charges depends on several criteria such as your geographical area, your age (there are exemptions for over 60 years). Thus the rates for a maid at home Marseille will be different from the rates of a housekeeper.

What are the advantages of hiring a cleaning lady?

The answer is fast: no need to clean up! More time for you and your family. But there are many other benefits. Indeed, housework falls within the scope of personal services and as such generate tax benefits.

Noelia Mincey