Couchtuner blocked by your ISP? Check out these 5 alternatives


In our previous article, we told you about the five best alternatives to couchtuner . Today, we will go further and tell you about five more free movie sites that you’re definitely going to love. So, without further ado, let’s get started with this fantastic list of free online video sites.

#1 YIDIO: Now, YIDIO itself is not a free movie website. What it instead does is shows you exactly where all the free movies are on other websites. Simply put, they will show you where you can find free movies on other sites, which basically makes it a search engine for free videos, pretty amazing, right? It’s a super handy tool when you want to see all of your free movie options laid out in front of you without having to go to each movie website individually. It’s convenience at its very best.


#2 IMDB TV:  If there’s one website out there that has a pedigree in movies, it’s IMDB. With their IMDB TV service, you get access to tons of free movies. Unsurprisingly, here you will find lots of huge titles spread across several genres. You can even create watch lists and review movies if you want. The interface is also pretty slick-looking and straightforward. Sign up today and start watching.

#3 Roku channel: Roku has been around the streaming game for quite a long time. People usually know them because of their streaming devices, but did you know that you can also stream their free content directly from their website as well? The website navigation is a bit cumbersome and can take quite a long time to find something you like because of it. But you will find quite a few movies here if you’re willing to look for them.

#4 Kanopy: Are you a college student, or do you have a library card? If so, your library or university might have partnered with the service called Kanopy. With it, you can check out movies a lot like you check out books, albeit online, and only for a few days, still in most cases, you can check out multiple videos a month. So it should hardly be a problem.

#5 Hoopla: Last up, we have another library associated movie service. Just like with Kanopy, you need to have a partnered library account to join here, and you are going to find lots of titles across multiple genres. Again like Kanopy, here you will also have checkout restrictions based on what your partnered library will allow. Still not a bad way to get some free content, right?

So, that was five great alternatives to Couchtuner, and I am sure that you’d love to check them out at your convenience. However, most of these websites are for the US region, so people from Asia and other continents will not be able to enjoy these fantastic free movie sites. That being said, there’s always VPN that you can use to get over this region restriction. If you don’t have one already, you can purchase a decent VPN service right now as they go for damn cheap considering all the content you’re going consume.

Kirby Thalheimer