Equipment Used For Fishing


Fishing is the process of catching fishes in lakes, ponds, rivers, seas, etc. Fish are usually caught in wild forests. It is not much easier to catch fish. There is some availability of equipment for fishing. Those fishes caught are used for aquaculture, and also used as a dish for human beings. In many of the countries, fishes are used as the most eatable dishes. Fishes contain some vitamins such as VITAMIN D and VITAMIN B2. This article is to say you about the Equipment for fishing purpose


The main equipment used for fishing is a tackle. In lake fishing, Bamboo sticks are used as a hand holder and the tackle is fitted at the end of the bamboo stick. To maintain the long life of the bamboo stick varnishes are applied to it. The bamboo stick should be in a light bent position. If the bamboo stick is stiff and straight when the fish caught it tries to pull the fishermen inside the lake at that time the straight and stiff bamboo stick would be broken.

Then to catch the tackle a nylon wire is used there are different varieties of nylon wires which are based on its thickness. The length of the wire should be equal to the length of the stick.

There are many and many types of fishes in this world. According to its types and its size, the tackle is to be fixed. Large fishes would escape easily while using small tackle.

At the one end of the bamboo stick above the tackle, a small piece of a floating object is tied. For example: thermocol, and weightless small pipes. It is tied to adjust the length the tackle passes inside the water.

To catch large fishes in case of sticks rods are also used for catching fishes. Rods are also made through fiber and carbon. Fiber rod may break easily but carbon rods are stronger than fiber rod.

Rods are artificially made. Here the nylon wires can be adjusted by rotating the wire rotator.

To catch fishes some fish eatable dishes are used which means for small fishes chicken, bread, cheeses are used. And to catch large fishes some small fishes are used.

Fishes are also caught by using traps. Traps can be made in two ways namely permanent and the other is temporary traps.

Some Fisherman takes as a challenge to catch large fishes. So they are used to travel to many wild areas to catch those fishes. The equipment used for fishing is maintained so carefully. Because in the case of careless it would make some minor injuries. And some of the fishes would be poisonous.

While fishing the Fisherman would face many problems. When he goes fishing he would notice the climatic conditions. It is not much easier to work. He should wait for a while to catch a fish.  In some areas, nets are used to catch fishes. When there are many fishes in particular place nets are used to catch fishes. The net size is measured by diameter. There are some more problems like some fish would bite the nets so it can escape easily.

Noelia Mincey