European Immigration and Your Choices From the Legal Sides

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There are many reasons for immigration. Some people, like Somalis, do so to escape misery and afford a second chance elsewhere. However, this is not the case for all migrants. Some leave their country for professional reasons, in the course of their work or studies. War is also one of the reasons why an individual may be forced to leave. There are also personal reasons for immigration, such as joining a person you love or just because you want to discover another country. In 2006, there were nearly 200 million migrants worldwide. If you consult an immigration solicitor london then surely he will be touching the following things.

It is not uncommon to hear in the public debate that immigrants “sting” the work of the French or that they lower wages. But what is it really? The head of the International Migration Division, reviews economists’ analyzes and studies on the impact of immigration on the labor market and shows that the reality is, like often more nuanced.

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The impact of immigration on the labor market

  • The question everyone asks is whether immigration contributes to increasing unemployment or lowering wages.
  • Economists have been looking at these issues for many years and the results are quite convergent. The impact is small, rather negative in the short term, and positive both in terms of reducing unemployment and increasing wages in the medium and long term.
  • It must be understood that immigrants, when they arrive in a country, ask for services, including housing, and then a number of goods. To meet this demand, you have to hire. So we have to recruit people. Immigration thus plays on both the supply of labor and the demand for labor.
  • The economy, as such, is not a cake of fixed size, for which we should have smaller shares when we have more guests, more people coming. In fact immigration helps to increase the size of the cake.
  • It is important to understand that migrant labor first provides skills – one-third of immigrants countries and in Europe are tertiary-educated – and, on the other hand, helps to supplement the supply of labor.

Local work

Why? Because there are a number of jobs which are particularly difficult and painful. They are neglected by the local workforce. Then there are also professions that are declining especially in the craft or low-skilled work.

So, what’s going on? Young people entering the labor market are turning away from these occupations because they lose jobs every year and they see no future. For all these professions have recruitment needs, they are filled for about a third in the European Union by immigrants.

So immigration plays on the dynamics of the labor market, both to bring skills to the most skilled part, but also by allowing to meet manpower needs at the other end on the segment the less qualified neglected by the national workforce.

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