Fine Electricity Rates as Per the Choices

Electricity Rates

The climate guide provides many tips for saving energy. The Consumers’ Association also provides extensive insight into the possibilities. For the Electricity Rates this is important.

LED lighting expensive: No, no.

Electricity Rates

Many people mistakenly think that LED lighting is still very expensive. Fortunately, the purchase price of LED lamps has fallen sharply in recent years, while you still benefit from all the above advantages of LED lighting. So you quickly recoup the costs and save a lot of money. Want to save even more? Do the Savings Scan? Additional energy-saving tips for electronic devices:

  • After using an oven, leave the oven door open so that the heat released can heat the kitchen
  • Use energy-saving lamps.
  • Energy-saving tips water, washing and drying

Energy-efficient equipment

Equipment for the professional kitchen is becoming smarter and more energy-efficient. With a favorable energy label, considerable savings can be made on energy costs. On average, catering entrepreneurs save up to 80 percent on energy costs by replacing an old refrigerator with energy label G with an energy label B catering refrigerator. Thanks to the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA), entrepreneurs can also deduct 45 percent of the investment amount from the taxable profit. This makes investing in energy-efficient equipment a lot more attractive.

Maintenance and good cleaning

In busy kitchens, maintenance and thorough cleaning of equipment sometimes fail. The result: dirt that accumulates and unnoticed makes equipment use more energy. Dirt on the condensation filter of cooling equipment quickly leads to 15 percent higher energy costs. In addition, the risk of malfunctions increases. Broken door rubbers also do little to the energy bill. By replacing wear-sensitive parts in time, the technical performance of the kitchen appliances remains optimal.

Saving energy doesn’t have to be difficult

You can also save energy with simple measures. The images below show various options for saving energy and money.

Carpet or rugs provide slightly better insulation of your floor so that more heat is retained. It also increases your living comfort.

Are you going on vacation? Then set the thermostat to 12 degrees Celsius. This saves energy and prevents pipes from freezing. Infrared heating can be useful as additional heating in a specific place, such as a sitting area or workplace in the attic.

Keep curtains and blinds closed, especially at night when it’s cold outside. This ensures less heat loss. Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible and buy a flap for the letterbox. Even better is a separate letterbox at the door. Close gaps and cracks for optimal heat retention.

Kitchen Tips

Cook electrically or using induction. Make sure your kitchen is powered by sustainable energy. Choose economical hob. Choose the size of the pan that matches the size of the hob. For small amounts of cooking, use small pans. Use a pressure cooker that uses energy more efficiently. Use a pan lid to cook more efficiently.

Replace or clean the oven filter at least once a month. Dust and dirt can quickly clog the parts. Use the microwave instead of the oven to heat food. Provide a clean oven, which uses energy more efficiently. Time the preheating phase of your oven so that you can use it when it has preheated and don’t let it preheat for too long.

Consider replacing older devices. In almost all cases, new equipment uses less energy than older equipment.

Kirby Thalheimer