How to renovate a house, everything you need to know

rénovation maison

Venturing into home renovation is always an operation that involves a great deal of resources and personal energy. Making a material and emotional investment on the space that defines our living space is not a trivial matter and is closely linked to needs that are not strictly practical and functional. It therefore becomes extremely important, before renovating the house, to plan the intervention with the greatest care possible and to prepare ourselves to face even some inevitable unforeseen events. This is what it comes to the rénovation maison .

The reality of the building site always remains, at least to a small extent, subordinated to the state of the building’s pre-construction, which is difficult to investigate thoroughly unless expensive preliminary research is not possible in the case of a common private home. Having said that, doing the work at home is also fun and can put our creativity to the test and imagination, as well as our ability to bargain with the spouse and children, who will not fail to assert their demands and needs. Here is a brief, to know how to renovate a home by facing the various difficulties.

rénovation maison

Home renovation, the first step: planning

Express in a peaceful, rational and unprejudiced way what you need and what is lacking in your current housing situation. Tired of queuing for the bathroom every morning? Consider the possibility of doubling it with a few tricks? It’s often easier than it seems.

A new bed for a new arrival

With small jobs in the home the kitchen can become a bedroom and the kitchenette find place in your living room. Each case will find the solution sooner or later; the road to get there passes through a map of the apartment, perhaps obtained and updated from the land register, one or more sheets of transparency, a pencil and a nice dose of patience. When the knots have come to a head or you just can’t take it anymore and the road has turned into a winding path, and then asks for help.

Renovate a home by turning to a professional

After the first phase of self help, during which you will be informed in magazines, blogs and forums, now experts in every branch of the building, you will feel or rather you will have to feel the impulse to turn to a professional for the apartment renovation. Doing everything yourself is really a difficult task and what’s more, unless your wishes cannot be fulfilled with simple routine maintenance, it is mandatory by law.

But let’s not see ourselves unjustly imprisoned by the bureaucracy, because the presence of a designer and a construction manager, who can also be the same person, is not just a mere coercion without meaning or utility.

Home renovation

Relying on a technician, surveyor, engineer or architect to carry out work at home has an undoubted cost to be included in the works budget, which in the long run is largely depreciated by the absence of nuisances, unforeseen bureaucracy, discussions with the executing company that you will be able to avoid thanks to its work of mediation and site organization.

Cedrick Goodyear