Thetvsky which is also considered as the current scheme which is propounded by a famous veteran electronics music this was introduced by Alister Maxwell from Perth which is in Australia, they were concentrating in the depth sounds of negligible, ambient and dub techno.

Pay-TV is also introduced worldwide the people were able to subscribe to these channels and they were also watching and enjoy and spend time watching tv. In some of the foreign countries, the pay-tv is also providing free of no charge for some particular area and for the people who were below the average poverty line. They can able to subscribe to this channel free of cost.


Advantages of pay-tv:

  • It provides the standard in cable connection and they have the stable in doing services for the customers free of cost. These services were making the people subscribe to it more.
  • There were shoving the channels with more and in cheapest rate and some of the channels were running in the free of cost.
  • The cost of paying to watch the television which can manage the people. Because there is no much high in cost and they offer some discounts or free of charge for some peoples or some areas.
  • The pay-tv is producing the quality of a channel and they make the use of chance in time spent with their family.
  • When people were feeling alone in some time or feel bored at that time, they can watch television and spent time with entertaining channels.
  • Sometimes people were distracted by some things at that time they were not able to come out of it. So, while they were watching television which some channels make them entertaining by this, they able to easily extract at that time and they feel happy after watching tv.

Disadvantages of pay-tv:

  • While some of them watching television, they cannot able to concentrate on their work so they can waste their time in Infront of sitting an idiot box.
  • Sometimes it may possess more high cost because there is an improvement in technology. According to this development, it may occur in the improvement of ranging the high cost and it leads to more expensive.
  • When children were watching tv they can able to easily addicted to television and watching the tv continuously there is a chance of affecting or getting a problem in an eye. While they were watching tv they can get easily eye defects and it may lead to more effects and causes.
  • While watching tv continuously they were getting the more lazy person and their body does not respond to do work and they feel very lazy and they did not show more interest in doing or concentrating on work and they do not do the work completely and they seemed to be more laziest persons.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of pay-tv and this also helps to acquire knowledge and makes them get any information which makes them develop their current updates. And it also makes them change their mood from sorrow to happiness.

Cedrick Goodyear