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Diablo 2 is a video game. This is an action hack and slashes video game. This game was very popular because of its dark fantasy and horror themes. There are three diablo core games. You have to complete the levels one by one to reach the final level. To play the game you just need some items. d2 items are the objects used in the game that the characters can carry in their list. There are many different item options are present in the game and the player can choose the item from the available list. When the game has been developed the items types and range also been developed.

Diablo item types:

There are many different kinds of items in Diablo 2. Not only weapons and armor there are different kinds of items are used in the game by the player. They are:


These are precious stones which are inserted into the weapons. When inserted, the game will provide the bonus to the item. There are many different levels in the gems also like chipped gems, flawed gems, flawless gems, and perfect gems. The gems are used to enhance your gear. To upgrade the gem you need three same gems and the same quality.

d2 items


These are also like the gems. Runes are inserted in the weapons. This will range from the weak to very powerful. You can create a rune word by inserting the specific combination of runes into the socketed items.


The charms item in the game provides you the bonus. The charms like Amulets and rings cannot lay as normal, but they always appear as the magic or unique. Charms are in different sizes like small, large and grand.


Jewels are similar to gems and runes. These are also inserted in the socketed weapons. They are magical, unique and rare. They will also provide powerful bonuses. They are used to create crafted items. There are 8 types of jewels in the game and they are unique. They all have the common name such as the rainbow Facet. These items can also have the suffixes and prefixes.


These are the objects which the players are using to identify an object or to create a gateway to the nearest town. This item is also magic, rare and unique. The item tomes are used to store the scrolls. You can store a maximum of 20 scrolls in one tome.

Arrows and bolts:

Arrows are one of the items in Diablo 2 game. They will come in sets as 350 per set. Once you used the set, you can fill it up again. Bolts are also one of the items in the Diablo 2 game. They will come as a set of 250 bolts. Once you used all the bolts in the set, you cannot fill it up again. The bolts are the normal item types.


The potions are the item used in the game. This item is used to increase life, Mana, and stamina. It provides you resistance, you can be thrown at monsters in the game. The other item in the game keys. They are used to unlock the chests.


There are many items which were used in the various quests by the players in the game.

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