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When you block ads you save your much important time. Adblock is a great way to keep yourself away from ads that bother you and distract your concentration. It saves your precious time, data and money. The autoplay ads or popups that appear while browsing is annoying walls between a user and his pleasurable internet browsing experience. That’s why it is much important to block ads.

When you are loading a web page the ads which appear with the content are not actually a part of that page, but they are usually stored on a third-party server and gets delivered to this platform from the third party server. It means that the one is serving you all these ads must be gathering all information about you and your online activity to be able to monitor the effectiveness of the ads they are serving you. That is how they will be able to serve you the most relevant advertising all the time. So when you choose to block ads, you can avoid servers from tracking you, which may be a welcome privacy feature.

block ads

The perfect way to block ads

You can block ads using adblockers software. Adblocker is a software that prevents advertisements from appearing with the contents you are actually browsing. Different Ad blockers work in a different way. Some may work with Windows or another operating system to block all pop-ups and ads. Others may act as standalone programs, and some may be add-ons for an operating system or a particular browser. You also get a wide range of options to block out different kinds of ads. Some programs function by deleting cookies and other Web markers thereby limiting the ads effectively.

One of the major reasons to block ads is privacy. Yes, choosing to block ads give you Privacy and protects you when online. Blocking ads do not allow any cookies or trackers to get downloaded, so no third party will be able to track your online activity.


Another important reason to block ads may be to avoid distractions. While browsing the internet most of the people prefer to stay away from ads because they feel repeated ads may hamper their attention. For people, time is money these days. In their tight packed schedule, they don’t wish to waste a single second so spending time over unrelated ads seems to be a great waste. So, blocking ads helps to save attention, time and money.

Next important thing to consider is internet speed. Auto played ads in between your surfing consume a lot of data and the actual content you are looking for will take time to download. Many tests and surveys have also shown that browsers with Adblockers allow 2x faster download of required data when compared to sites with ads. This saves a lot of data and time.

Adblockers also help to avoid your system getting infected from viruses and malware and save you from illegal phishing and other online scams. Adblockers warn its users when there are such threats so that they can choose a safe way to browse.

Kirby Thalheimer