Look for the Smartest Options in Choosing Locksmiths


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How to secure patio doors and basement doors with locks?

When thieves break out of doors, it is usually through the patio door or basement door. Therefore, it is extra important that there are good locks in them. A good choice for the patio door is an interior door handle with a code lock. Here, you typically need to enter a code of your choice to open the door from the inside. It will make it very difficult for the thief to get in and out of the way with the thieves. You can also mount a grip with a lock to use a key.

Patio door handle with code lock fitted with security screws.

Many homes have old and worn locks that the burglar can easily open. Raising or sliding doors, such as used as patio doors, can be secured with a lockable interior bracket. As an added security, you can put a custom broom handle in the slide rail so that the door cannot be slid to the side.


Cellar Doors

Basement doors must be secured in the same way as the front door. Often neither the door nor the locks are of sufficient quality. You should, therefore, acquire a solid door. Keys with a round head make it easy for thieves to break into homes.  The lock should be as secure as the lock in your front door and maybe supplemented with an extra lock like on the front door or latch.

You can also mount a padlock for a padlock. It is a padlock in which the hoop thickness has a material thickness of 8 millimeters, making it very difficult to cut. The padlock brackets should be fitted with strong brackets with nuts or securing screws.


On the utility shed, you can just mount a good, powerful padlock so thieves can’t go straight in and steal machines or tools they might use to break into your house. Just as at the basement door, the shelf thickness must be at least 8 millimeters, so it is very difficult to cut. The padlock brackets should be fitted with strong brackets with nuts or securing screws. Powerful padlock for the shed. You can get the cylinder set so it is the main ear wrench you use.

How Many Have Keys to Your Home?

It can be difficult to get an overview of how many have the key to the door if you use an old lock. If the home has been traded once or more with the same locks, there may be more than you think that holds the key to your house. Therefore, get the locks re-coded or replaced when you get a new home, get new doors or if you lose your keys.

The different classes of locks are divided as follows:

Class 1: The simplest form of door lock with no requirement for intrusion protection in the true sense.

Class 2: A form of the lock where there is some protection against burglary, but where the opportunity to evacuate a room is more important than the burglary aspect.

Class 3: Locks where burglary security requirements are more important than evacuation security.

Class 4: Lock with the same characteristics as in-class three but where there is also a drill cover for the lock housing. In addition, there will be a stronger door reinforcement.

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