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The placement of the arching hand in the handle, relaxed, placed at 45 ° to the vertical axis of the arch, with the eminence, the thick muscle of the first, as a point of support phalanx of your thumb. Again the placement of your head straight and totally turned towards the target, which allows you to aim and make your contacts. Finally, face placements, contacts mentioned above, which vary from one archery technique to another. For the archery tag singapore this is important.

Viewfinder shooting, Olympic shooter technique

It is the most practiced in the world because it is publicized and represented at the Olympic Games. The aiming shot as it is described to you here concerns the classic arch, it differs slightly from the aiming pulley sight which we approach further.

Contacts to the face are made with the rope hand and the rope itself. The hand is placed under the jaw while the rope should touch the tip of your nose. The arrow is thus found horizontal with respect to the ground, the notch under your chin at full extension.

Olympic sight

The sighting is carried out with the eyecup of the sight only, which you regulate in height and laterally in the direction of the error. That is to say, to refocus your arrows arriving too high and slightly to the right, you need to raise the viewfinder and shift it to the right. Finally, the alignment of the string with the central axis of the arc is essential. You obtain it by aligning, at full extension, your rope with the internal edge of the arch window.

Compound sighting, the action of the release

No pallet in pulley shooting, because it is the release that you hold that comes to grab the D-loop, itself fixed to the rope on either side of the calibration. Face placements are also different depending on the type of dropout you are using.

Note that the adjustment of your drawbar is done via the pulleys of the arch, so you always have the same length of line. If you can’t find your usual contact at full draw, it’s because your head, your shoulder or your bow arm are badly positioned.

Finally, the alignment between rope and scope must be perfect, even more than the alignment rope or bow window in classic. This is why you can add a sight to your bow, a small aiming ring which is fixed between the strands of the rope.

Thumb release

As the name suggests, the trigger on this release is operated by the thumb. The body of the dropout is placed in your palm and its shape is studied so that you maintain it with at least the index and middle finger. The back of your hand comes into contact with your cheek.

Index release

The support on the trigger of this model is made by your index finger. The body of the release is smaller than that of the other type, sometimes it is a simple metal rod, but it also comes in the palm of the hand and is held in place by a wrist strap. The contact with the face is taken by the thumb and the side of your index finger.

Naked archery or the art of “barbowtage”

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If you chose to shoot without sight, the technique changes appreciably at the level of the catch of rope and the contacts to the face. The aim is also different and depends on multiple factors including your power, shooting distance, comfort, etc.

Noelia Mincey