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Energy Plans

Indeed, EDF, and the other market players, do not offer the same rates, either at the subscription level or at the price per kWh. Compare also contracts, services, and additional costs. You need to look for the Energy Plans with all the supports now.

Find the right suit for you

Since 2007 and the opening of the energy market to competition, you have the choice as to your electricity supplier. Alongside EDF there are now many players, who are free to charge their own price, whether at the kWh or subscription level. In addition, prices may vary from region to region. It is then up to you to choose the offer that suits you best.

Changing the electricity supplier: is it a good idea?

More and more French households are choosing to change their electricity supplier in order to take advantage of advantageous rates and save money. EDF and alternative suppliers do not charge the same price, which can allow you to reduce your expenses. But is it a good idea to leave EDF for another supplier? We tell you everything.

Update on regulated, indexed and fixed rates

Energy Plans

EDF is subject to so-called regulated tariffs. Prices are imposed by the State and are determined based on the investment made by the public authorities to produce and transmit electricity. These prices are therefore subject to fluctuations.

As for alternative suppliers, such as ENEDIS, ENGIE or direct Energy, they are free to make market offers that appear more competitive. They offer offers at indexed prices, that is to say, that the amount changes at the same time as the EDF tariffs, but always with the guarantee of keeping the gap between the EDF offer and the alternative offer. Whatever happens, your bill will always be lower than with EDF nut not necessarily in comparison with another alternative supplier. They are also free to offer fixed price offers.

Their amount cannot change and this, over a predefined period of 1 to 3 years generally. In the event of an increase in regulated prices, you are not affected. In the event of a reduction in prices either. And generally, fixed prices are significantly higher than regulated prices. In addition, only the price excluding tax is not affected by increases in regulated prices. Taxes therefore apply.

EDF: regulated rates likely to increase

As we said above, EDF is subject to regulated tariffs. It is the State which fixes the price per kWh according to various factors likely to change this tariff over time. EDF’s blue tariff is still often chosen by many people. However, they are also increasingly attracted by alternative electricity supply offers.

Do you need to leave EDF for an alternative supplier?

Now the people have a choice in terms of electricity and gas suppliers, so why deprive you of it? EDF had a monopoly until 2007, but the situation has since changed with the arrival of alternative suppliers. These new players compete with the incumbent supplier by offering offers at advantageous prices. It can, therefore, be very interesting to change to a cheaper supplier for equivalent quality. In addition, the steps to change suppliers have become extremely simple and fast, everything can be done online in just a few clicks.

Kirby Thalheimer