PhuQuoc – A Mesmerizing product in Vietnam

vị trí Meyhomes Capital Phú Quốc

Phu Quoc is the capital island of Vietnam. vị trí Meyhomes Capital Phú Quốc is a mesmerizing city which everyone wants to visit for holidays and to settle there. It’s like an imaginary island where people can go to a state of ecstasy in enjoying Nature. They have different types of products one such product is Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc. Its investor is TAN A DAI THANH GROUP – MEYLAND and the location is Thai Town Boulevard, BaiTroung, Phu Quoc City. The greeneries and the utilities have occupied 65% of the total area of 56.09ha. it has 5 sub-divisions such as Apricot, Coral, Olive, Rosada and Aqua. Current projects which are ready for sale are Duplex villa, single villa and Low-rise Shophouse. Total products cover the area of 1435 units and 35% of the area is allotted for construction area. It is expected to hand over the project by December 2022 as Red book, long-term ownership.


Meyhomes capital Pho Quoc is specially designed by Darkhorse – Australia, one of the world-famous designer of the integrated city with the 5-star facilities and the luxurious flats and villas as going viral in the world. They set a trend in house building in Island and makes life more sophisticated and Happy. They provide the 5 class facilities such as a central landscape axis of 1.2 km. Commercial street to get all the provisions easier, lake landscape to enjoy the leisure time and to get peace of mind, central square and fountain and art park is placed to find aestheticism and delight in art by spending their valuable times. It helps the senior citizen and the children to spend most of the times there. A separate place is kept free with playing instruments and equipment. There is an inter-school with high technology to improve the society and medical station is placed with all kinds of treatment to cure all the disease without going so far. Seven clubhouse system is introduced for relaxation. Other facilities include Gym, Spa, Swimming Pool and restaurant is also available to maintain their body and beauty. Massage services are also available for relaxation.

It is fully applied to the ecosystem of water sources. It is surrounded by green trees to get fresh air to get a comfortable lifestyle. The overall style and the arrangements give a perfect living style with the peaceful and oxygen-free atmosphere in Phu Quoc. The airport can be reached in half an hour. The project is surrounded by a historical site. It gives more attraction to the people. The additional features which add beauty to the site are primaeval forest and 66-meter wide beach are the primary attraction which pricks the people to buy flats there.

vị trí Meyhomes Capital Phú Quốc


It is a highly sophisticated and luxurious flat with all types of necessary things for safe and luxurious life. People can awesomely enjoy their life in a quite different way to establish their lives in a freestyle. Nobody can disturb them. It is designed to focus from kids to the elder citizen. So according to their age group, they have all the facilities and necessary arrangements are done to spend their life and valuable time in a successful and satisfying life. Live safety and content is the main concern of these villas.

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