custom homes

Hidden construction defects, exploding costs and hassles with craftsmen, building expert and architects reveal how your conversion will not become an incalculable adventure. With the right advice you get the specialized in modernization service. Here are all the traps and solutions on custom homes on how to handle them.

Are renovations more expensive and take longer than expected?

Not necessarily, except those started without adequate pre-planning and inventory analysis. You first have to deal intensively with the building and, above all, your own expectations.

What are the most common reasons for higher prices and delays?

As a rule, hidden components are exposed which show damage and which must be processed immediately. For example, you simply want to sand planks, and it turns out that they are so destroyed by feeding that they need to be replaced.

custom homes

Could one prevent breakdowns?

The more accurately a building is inspected prior to purchase or conversion, the safer one avoids nasty surprises. Thanks to precise knowledge of the stock and the necessary measures, planning is essential. This optimizes the selection of craftsmen. The more complete their offers are, the more precisely costs and construction times can be calculated. It is very important that clients define their wishes early.

What are the most common problems with modernization?

These are on the one hand hidden defects in the building, on the other hand poorly described objectives. And a basic conflict: the builder wants a lot of power for little money, the craftsman a lot of pay for little time and material. The additional refurbishment needs then but the agreed price. Many also save at the wrong end: They start a conversion without professional preparation, then increase safety measures or partial dismantling the cost.

And what is the solution?

The building must be examined by a professional before the conversion. Often even little things give evidence of serious structural damage. For example, in basements rusty nail heads on baseboards an indication of high humidity, gaps between planks and baseboards suggest damage from beam heads, and moisture stains in the parapet area often arise in imperfections of the seal between the window frame and masonry.

How do you find such a pro?

You can simply find it by recommendation or references. If you are looking for an architect to renovate an Art building, then you should have exactly that experience.

Why is that so important?

Builders must be able to trust their architect. This is a temporary partnership that is tense. Bad surprises have to be managed without questioning the overall project. If unforeseen things put a strain on the budget or force it to reschedule, the blueprint must be changed accordingly. Building is a process.

Builders often decide on an object because it is attractive. Is not that overly expensive?

Expensive is relative. Ultimately, personal esteem governs the price you are willing to pay. Often, however, the situation is evaluated only on the basis of the current situation. Especially in trendy neighborhoods, we notice that the needs can also turn around very quickly: the previously lived-out quarter becomes, as it never comes to rest, an acoustic nightmare. In the beloved old apartment you suddenly recognize significant deficits in the sound insulation. So before buying you should think carefully about whether you want to invest for a period of time or want to make a long-term commitment to the property.

Noelia Mincey