Smart Energy Saving Plans for You

Reliant Energy

Do you have devices classified below class A? Jump quickly to renew your range of devices, energy savings are real and your devices more efficient. This is all the more true for very energy-consuming appliances tumble dryers, light bulbs, refrigeration appliances. According to professionals, over the life of the equipment, the savings can go up to $ 3,000 on electricity bills. For the Reliant Energy  options this is essential.

Reliant Energy

Luminaires and bulbs also have a significant saving margin, by investing in low-consumption bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs, for example, save 75 to 80% of energy compared to old incandescent bulbs, with a bonus of 6 to 7 times longer lifespan. Also, avoid turning on your lights too often, especially when natural lighting is possible. So place your furniture intelligently so you can enjoy non-artificial lighting. Energy savings can go up to one hour of lighting per day, which is not trivial.

Clean your light bulbs from time to time

They will, therefore, be much more effective and this may save you from using several lamps to see clearly.

Bathroom: reduce your bills by adopting a more economical behavior

Watch for the drops. A dripping tap is 35,000 liters of water consumed for nothing every year.

Reduce the humidity in your home by ventilating the bathroom after your shower or bath. If taking a bath is pleasant, it also consumes three times more water than a simple shower. For your shower, use a pommel limiting the flow of water and a shower stop, allowing keeping the temperature when you activate the “stop” button and that you reset the pommel.

Reduce the price per kWh: change supplier

Since 2007 and the opening of the electricity and gas markets to competition, reducing your annual energy bill has never been easier. Forget the regulated tariffs of historic EDF suppliers GDF-Suez and change suppliers, If the idea of ​​switching to an offer from an alternative supplier does not inspire confidence in you, here are three points that should reassure you:

It’s quick and easy: a 10-minute phone call and nothing more to do.

It is without risk: energy gas or electricity remains the same, only the price changes. No technical intervention is necessary, or any cut. The historic network will continue to support the distribution of energy. The change of supplier thus only affects the price.

It is free of charge and without obligation. No costs can be claimed from you for the sole reason that you choose to change energy supplier.

If few French people still dare to take the plunge, their number continues to grow. Thus, according to CRE, if nearly 30% of new electricity contracts have been signed with alternative suppliers, they represent more than 60% for gas. To help you find your way in the jungle of energy offers, here is a summary table of the most competitive of them for gas and electricity.

Participate in a group energy purchase to lower your bill with thousands of other consumers

If you feel lost in choosing an energy offer, you can still participate in a group energy purchase. The basic idea is as follows: By bringing together as many consumers as possible, it is possible to negotiate a price with suppliers. The more consumers there are, the more the price reduction can increase, thereby reducing the annual energy bill.

Kirby Thalheimer