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The main difference between a children’s laser tag and an adult is more relaxed rules, as well as the availability of professional instructors who control the entire game process. The arena, where competitions are held, has a small area, and light trunks are given to fighters. With the laser quest singapore you can find the best options now.

The laser tag club “Barracks” welcomes both young and old alike. Bright laser battles, exciting role-playing games, as well as a fun family vacation await our visitors. Come, it will be interesting.

Laser tag fans rightly consider it a new generation of sports.

laser quest singapore

With them, the overwhelming majority of amateur players who claim that the laser tag is an exciting, spectacular and dynamic game for adults and children are unanimous. But you, for sure, do not even imagine what it is since you asked yourself this question. Especially for those who are trying to understand what laser tag is, professionals have prepared a short educational program on this topic.

Move on to more detailed explanations.

Let’s start, as expected, with a literal translation. The word “laser tag” is written in English as Lasertag and has two roots in it: laser (laser) and tag (label). Literally, it turns out to be a rather clumsy and not very clear “laser tag”, which, of course, did not take root in the other language. But the “laser tag” has taken root, although sometimes it causes problems with the correct spelling.

By the way, lovers of the English language in this place might be outraged that it is necessary to build on English pronunciation, which means that you need to write and pronounce “LaserEg”, and not “LaserAg”. The reasoned answer here is:  “LaserAg” or “laserEg (laserEg)”?

So, the word “laser tag” is used to denote the technology of simulating shooting using optical signals focused rays, the hits of which are recorded by special sensors placed on the target. The target, which is characteristic, can be both artificial and live. Initially, laser beams were used for this purpose, but over time, the infrared ray replaced the laser, which did not prevent the former name of this technology from being retained. In fairness, it should be noted that the laser is still used, but in most commercial systems it serves as a target designator, which undoubtedly adds to the game entertainment, creating the atmosphere of a fantastic laser battle.

Laser tag description

If the previous paragraph did not clarify the question posed, then let’s turn to the illustration. It depicts an arena laser tag game kit. Phase laser gun is used to shoot at other players equipped in the same way. If the shot is successful, and you hit one of the sensors located on the game’s vest, then the enemy drops out of the game for some time loses the ability to shoot, and you have a certain number of points. A player’s defeat can be accompanied by vibration, as well as light and sound signals depending on the system used.

All hits are recorded by the computer, which allows you to accurately determine the winner in a laser battle at the end of each round. Thanks to the combination of computer technology with the human factor, laser tag has gained extreme popularity among a very wide audience. In the laser tag, the line between a sports game and an attraction has been erased to the limit, which allows adults and children to find something special in it.

Jann Lasher