The Best Jaipur Travel and Transport Options for You Jaipur Rajasthan

When you reach Jaipur from Delhi via taxi (visiting Jaipur Rajasthan would offer you the best deal now. The Rickshaws are the convenient especially for short trips in the city. He sneaks around and saves valuable time. His thing: an abusive use of the horn. We can keep it for a few hours. A race costs around 100 Rupees for 2 people. You can also book your rickshaw for the day for about 500 Rupees. That’s what we did to visit Amber Fort, the Lake Palace and the Monkey Temple in one day. Often, drivers insist heavily to drop you in front of shops. Kindly refuse from the start and you will be quiet. Jaipur Rajasthan

For very short trips, know that you can opt for a rickshaw. Practical and ecological

Rent a car with driver for the day. It is very affordable option in India and convenient to see many things in town and in the region without spending too much energy. Check with your hotel to find someone reliable. There are more expensive obviously a rickshaw and not necessarily practical because a car cannot sneak into the traffic jams and in the old center.

Old Jaipur City Gate

From these doors, wide avenues lead to the heart of the city. It reigns in a dusty and tumultuous atmosphere, a frantic activity and unbridled traffic. Rickshaws rub shoulders with buses, bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians, but also cows.

Wind Palace Pano Facade Jaipur

The impressive facade of the Palace of the Winds is one of the most popular attractions in Jaipur . Building dating from the eighteenth century, we advise you to climb on one of the terraces located opposite to have the best view. Then, also visit the interior of the Palace of the Winds. Indeed, the Palace of the Winds is one of the wonders of Rajput architecture that can be visited. All facades are embroidered as are windows and balconies.

The tour allows you to admire the impressive work done during the Mughal era on the site. The possibility of views of the city and the surrounding area is very interesting. This visit takes a different look when one learns that the Palace of the Winds was frequented by women of the royal harem of the time who from this building could have a look at life outside without being seen.

Wind Palace Of The Winds Jaipur Rajasthan

The Palace of the Winds, which is actually the Women’s Palace, is decorated with the pink stone of Jaipur. It is the dominant color of the buildings of the city. This stone is sublime to the first and last glow of the sun. Plan 2 hours of on-site visit to really enjoy this beautiful site and take the time to contemplate the city from the top of the building.

If you can, avoid the middle of the day to visit the site without suffering the heat. Note that even inside, some places are very well ventilated allowing breathe a little.

View Of The Palace Of The Winds Jaipur

  • Entrance fee per person: Rupees 50 (foreign tourist tariff 2017).
  • Cheap compared to other visits.
  • Open every day from 9h to 16h30.
  • More information on the palace of the winds.

The entrance to the site is opposite the fa├žade. Drinks are offered for sale at the square, the last center of interest before ending the visit of the Palace of the Winds.

Jann Lasher