The Best Metal Signs You Can Go for Now

metal signs

For each form of a sign, there are mandatory dimensions to be respected depending on the location where the sign is installed. The size of the sign is indeed crucial for its visibility by road users, a sign that is too small may not be seen by a motorist and a sign that is too large may be an obstacle for a pedestrian, for example. In the case of the metal signs this is important now.

For each form of a panel (triangular, circular, octagonal or square) there are several ranges of dimensions: miniature, small, normal, large and very large range.

Securinorme offers miniature, small and normal range panels, reserved for different uses:

Miniature: reserved for exceptional use, for aesthetic considerations for example, or when the implantation area does not allow it only in built-up areas or in tunnels, or even for cycle lanes.

Small: used when setting up the normal size is difficult, for example when the shoulder is small or the sidewalk is narrow, a row of trees borders the road or on a mountain road.

Normal: generally installed on most traffic lanes, except highways.

50 km / h limit sign

Securinorme offers signs in miniature, small and normal ranges.

How high should I place my traffic sign?

The height of a sign also depends on its location: the regulatory height is not the same in the countryside or in built-up areas.

The height of a road sign in the countryside

In open country, the regulatory height of the bottom of the sign, or the lowest sign, is 1 m. When choosing your post, be sure to choose a length long enough to fix the panel and leave 1 meter free between the ground and the bottom of the panel.

metal signs

A distance of 0.70 m minimum and 2 m maximum must be present between the post and the roadway.

The height of a road sign in built-up areas

For built-up areas, the regulatory height is 2.30 m. Indeed, the sign must not obstruct pedestrians or be hidden by a vehicle. The distance between the roadway and the end of the sign must be 0.70 m.

  • Here is a summary table showing the regulatory measures.
  • Securinorme offers you round and rectangular posts in galvanized steel, as well as round or rectangular mounting flanges, to quickly and easily install your panels at the height you want.

Which class of retroreflection to choose?

The traffic signs are fitted with a retro-reflective film. This allows the panel to be visible at night or in the dark by returning light to its source. There are 2 classes of retro-reflection for road signs, which have a different lifespan:

  • Panels over 2 meters high
  • On highways and highways, regardless of their height
  • In built-up areas, in sections where the speed is 70 km / h.
  • All traffic signs must be at least class I to be installed.

Stop sign

The retroreflective film on the panel allows it to reflect the light from the headlights.

In short: the size of a traffic sign

  • The regulatory dimensions of a sign depending on the place where it is installed. There are several ranges of panels, the choice of which depends on their location: miniature, small, normal, large and very large.
  • The height of the panels also depends on where they are present: it can vary from 1 m to 2.30 m if they are located in the countryside or in built-up areas.
  • The retroreflection class of a road sign is at least class I. It also varies depending on the lane on which the sign is present.
Noelia Mincey