letter from santa

Christmas is a massive festival for Christians. It is the primary Christian function that was celebrated grandly all over the world. Christianity is the leading and popular religion that spread across the globe. On the one week before the celebration is to get started. All people are ready to purchase the new dresses and gather the relatives who all give the present and the all to accumulate to make the festival much grander. There come gifts and a letter from santa , which makes the day very lovely and happy; these are the small happiness that makes the whole week a festival. The woman was started preparing the sweets and snacks. Kids are delightful in the entire full week.

Birth of Jesus Christ

Jesus is bone on the midnight of 25 December. So, the whole world is celebrating that day as Christmas. He was born on the cow cattle field. There come many angles, and the kids bless Jesus Christ. Her father and the mother marry are be very happy to see the son. He is the son of peace. He is called Jesus. Many of them are called as Jesus Christ. He used to born in place of Jerusalem. He had one goat always in hand. They are together all the time. He is a straightforward man with better and good qualities. All of them see Jesus as a god. Now only for that simple man, the whole world is to be celebrated the grand function called Christmas. This is the birth of Jesus Christ.

letter from santa

Due to the birth of Jesus, Christmas is to be celebrated all over the world. Their holy book was the Bible. They all believe that Jesus wrote the Bible. There are many goods in the Bible. The Bible is for the primary purpose of spreading peace all over the world. They often say the word called hallelujah. Which means Jesus is the world. I noticed that all the Christians are told a story like that. The real qualities of the Bible are excellent. It contains the many good things that help all human life. In the Bible, Jesus tells that love is god, and love is worship. So, all Christians are to be in a peaceful manner. There are two types in the Bible, such as the old era and the new era. The Bible’s main motto is to spread love to others. There is no way to hate anyone. There is only one way that is love. All the mistakes are we get rectified in one day. We should wait for that. Our life is going to be get changed at any time. If one man is wealthy today, but he can get lost and be deficient in next day. If one is very poor on this day, he gets a chance to be a great money maker tomorrow. So, life is a concise life to make happy myself and to be made happy others. This is the main history of the Christmas festival. These are the purpose of celebrating Christmas all over the world.

Cedrick Goodyear