The Finer Modes for Hiring a Lawyer

עורכי דין לענייני משפחה

The professional can assist both in your representation until the case is resolved, as well as offering legal advice on what steps to take until the negotiation with the airline is properly resolved. For the עורכי דין לענייני משפחה this is important.

Understand the area in which the lawyer usually works

Now, before consulting a lawyer it is important to note the type of area he usually works on. You, in pursuit of your rights as an air passenger, should look for the professional whose expertise is in handling consumer complaints. That is the more aligned with your goals and needs, the better. The lawyer should be knowledgeable about the laws that understand the rights of passengers and know very well how these procedures work.

In this way, the strategy outlined will be much more efficient and objective, just as your case will be led by someone who understands the directions that your complaint may take against the airline or other company in the industry that has damaged your rights.

Make an appointment with a lawyer before hiring him

עורכי דין לענייני משפחה

No rush: Hiring a competent lawyer who can solve your problem can take time. To do this, make an initial conversation, just to detail what happened and find out what can be done for a positive outcome of your case.

It’s an interesting opportunity, too, as it allows you to get to know the professional more and analyze how he intends to deal with the situation. As simple as the questions may seem, each lawyer can work differently, and it is critical that you feel as safe as possible with the chosen professional.

Find out about attorney won cases

In this first contact, I also take the opportunity to learn more about the professional career of the lawyer. In many conversations, the trader himself will use his court victories to exemplify the strategy that could be applied in his case. Even so, talk to him and find out about the lawyer’s expertise, in which areas he feels most secure, and how he would handle your case. This all helps to set up an ideal attorney profile to solve your problem.

An alternative to this would be to ask friends and family for recommendations about professionals they trust and recommend. Even if it is not the area of ​​expertise of the nominees, they can guide you at first and may have more useful information to find and make an appointment with an experienced lawyer.

Talk about your chances of winning the case

Let’s get to the bottom line: Be wary of any professional who says right away that your legal action will be successful. There is no way he can be sure of this and that kind of attitude is detrimental for several reasons among them the false expectations generated by the customer.

In turn, prefer to consult with attorneys who argue reasons for their success or possibly readjusting the strategy to generate a settlement. It is important that it be based on arguments and facts, not on previous cases and unfounded certainties.

Check if the professional is registered in the OAB and his reputation

With a quick online search or even at the lawyer’s office you can assess whether it is properly registered with the Bar Association. Also, take the opportunity to search for you to know the reputation of the lawyer. Good examples for this are professional social networks and grievance-specific websites such as complaint here that can focus on compliments and complaints about the lawyer.

Noelia Mincey