The Grand Canyon Tour You Have Been Waiting for

If the beginning of the whole process sinks in a remote past the origins of the Grand Canyon are apparently relatively more recent: the famous Arizona overhang was born only 5 and a half million years ago, dug by the action of the river Colorado which, by transporting rocks and debris, has deeply affected and modified the natural conformation of the plateau. You can visit and come up with the solution you look for.

This datum has been deduced by dating some debris of the area with sophisticated instruments; this would imply that the canyon has been dug at a rate of 200 meters every million years 3 centimeters every century!. Does it seem to have taken you so long? In reality, for the geological rhythms, it is a remarkable speed!

Here then a series of questions were posed that put scholars to the test:

  • How could the Colorado River dig the canyon so fast?
  • How can the throat be so deep and long?
  • Why does the Colorado River take this path? And how did he dig it?

Obviously the theories multiply. According to the scholar, the Colorado River, continuing its course from the Rocky Mountains, had filled a basin known as Bidahoci Lake, transforming it into an immense lake (now dried up) from which the river overflowed, until it dug into the rock the first furrow of that that it would become the Grand Canyon.

The speed of excavation and the depth of the gorge could be attributed to the slope of the river bed, evidenced by the numerous rapids, while the width of the gap is due to the numerous landslides caused by the weakening of the less resistant rock layers shale in contact with atmospheric agents once weakened the rocks yield to gravity and landslide.

The most fascinating aspect is that the story is not over yet: the Grand Canyon is in fact constantly changing. To those who visit it with a curious eye, this wonder of nature is able to reveal 2 billion years of the geological history of the earth.

Other Aspects

If the more demanding on the road crossings are not for you or, more simply, you do not have enough time to organize a satisfying Las Vegas itinerary to the Grand Canyon, then you will probably be considering the numerous organized tours that, starting from Las Vegas, allow you to visit the Grand Canyon and return to the city within the day. Among these, the lion’s share is definitely played by helicopter tours, to which we have dedicated more than one article on this site, but today I would like to focus on another type of activity, bus tours.


There are many tourists who use it and, if on one side they allow covering a distance in many cases prohibitive if you are traveling on your own, on the other they are often far from remarried, because of the long journey to spend by bus. In reality, as we shall see, not all of these tours are affected by this defect. See then what is the tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon in buses available, which agencies supply them and which can be more convenient to buy at least according to my point of view.

Jann Lasher