Team Bonding Singapore

On one Sunday, the time was near 10.00 pm, and the flash news is be urged the television, so the two prominent skyscrapers in Singapore get distracted by the earthquake. So while flash the information, the big song got here to the nearby people, so it was the big earthquake that night, so due to this incident, many of them. Are be lost their life in that and many of the people are we get saved by the Team Bonding Singapore it was the volunteer’s gang that gang full of the young people, so they are available for the all the social work in the Singapore country, so they are the big social volunteers in the country. They consist of the 5000 people in the 5000 people the nearer 4000 are be the young person and the other 1000 consist of the older adults and women’s and the normal men’s and the women. So in that volunteer gang, they have the doctors and the nurses, so they are accommodating in the urgent situation, so in critical cases, all of them are be formed together and be saves thousands of people from the building distract by the earthquake. The earthquake is a natural disaster, but the people are also the reason for forming such natural disasters.

The damages happen on that day. 

Team Bonding Singapore

On that day, nearly 100 people are being lost their life. Many of them are be doesn’t get back till now they are gets covered by the earth layer these things are the fierce one and the thousands of the people we admitted in the hospital for the treatment this was the significant incident that happened in the country till now many of the people are being lost totally with his family the whole family lost their life’s in that situations. The volunteers are beneficial to the government, and the police and the fired worker are okay the essential roles in saving many people. Hence, the government took the immediate quick and the right plan to save many people’s lives. In that situation, many governments fail to do the right way by the Singapore government. Even in this most critical time, they are being worked significantly faster, and the planning to save the people under the building is being done incorrectly way. In that way, we must want to appreciate the government activities in that crucial time the people and the press peoples are doing a great job the people in the surrounding area don’t disturb the government. These are the damages that happened on that day.

The press and media 

The support is given by the press, and the media was outstanding. They are being not tortured anyone into providing the reason and the answer. They all be in a calm way and shoot the situation exactly. So in the final word, all of them like the people, media, police, army, fire service people, and many volunteers with all help the Singapore country will stands higher in disaster relief and the management. this is what the press and as well as the media in team building

Phillip Michealson