The Rich Dad, Poor Dad story

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary

The Rich Dad, Poor Dad story is tied in with utilizing the standards of the fund to procure pay by putting resources into resources and building riches after some time. However, this book is something other than a story that clarifies monetary standards. The last segment of the book discloses how to begin, and this area gives the way to progress. Applying what you realize requires making a move. It isn’t sufficient to just comprehend the standards or have the learning about a business recipe. Read the Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary to know more.

We need money to make our living

Money is required to fulfill our basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, health, and education. After our basic needs are met, then we think of comfort and security. We all want to lead a financially stable and secure life, and also we want to provide our families and dependants sound financial security. Then, luxuries come into the picture. It could be living in a lavish house, wearing expensive clothes and accessories, possessing luxurious cars and gadgets, etc. When we move from basic needs to necessities to luxuries, we explore and want to make use of every opportunity for better living. We would like to create as many income sources as possible. We work for companies, run our own businesses, try to equip ourselves with the house and other properties to have rented income or even try to use a variety of gambling forms to earn money and better living.

There are many companies out there in the world and providing employment opportunities to many. Based on qualifications, aptitude, skills, and experience, you will get hired and get paid for your work. This way, you will earn a stable salary income periodically. You may climb up the hierarchy by performing well. As you move up in the ladder, your pay will also increase. You will be able to make your professional dreams come true using the opportunities provided by your employer.

Doing business is one more way to make a living. People who do not want to work for someone or passion for doing business and willing to take risks prefer doing business. Researches are showing that the number of startup companies and entrepreneurs is growing exponentially. The Internet has brought many new opportunities. In this age, you can do your business right sitting at your home. As the world has become a global village, you can grab abundant opportunities out there for running your own business.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary

People use their earnings to earn further. Buying fixed assets like land and building will help to earn rent or lease amount on such properties. Varieties of investments also help in multiplying saving amounts.

The book says – Enjoy adaptable hours – If you have to, you can alter your work hours to go to your tyke’s soccer match or school field trip. You may likewise have the capacity to choose what time of day you work. My better half’s significant other has his very own business from home and works in the nights. This enables him to be home with their youngsters when she is at her specific type of employment amid the day.

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