In this article, we are going to see the different kinds or varieties of movies and their genres which is very popular to discuss with people and get knowledge from it. The cinema is always an interesting topic to talk about than other topics. The people who were much fascinated in movies and well known about it, they can easily justify the content of the article. Because the movies and cinemas are the great sources to be happy and fun around with our family and friends even when we all alone. Before going to the article, we can see the page on the internet to access the movies and then download it if they want to have always without accessing the internet. The most of the people are well known on the varieties in the movies, if they have belonged from the ’60s to ’90s then they can easily write an article with their experience, because they are the kind of evidence or recorder of the history, so his statements would be the facts of the history. The main thing in this article is it can be useful to the people who were not acknowledged about the movies and their variants.

The variants:

The first variety is called Classic Movies. This twentieth-century is alike a golden age for Hollywood because there are so many movies that are based on cinematic history. The famous actors of the period were Clark Gable, Joan Crawford and Marilyn Monore who were like legends of the classical age movies. In the period the cowboy suits like clothes and histories about cowboys were a trend and people urged to buy and have them at all. Then the biographical movies which are like the story of emperors, monarchs, and kings will be the heroes and the stories also will move with it. On the other hand, the story may be about the people are belonged from the scientists and philanthropists who were the heroes and the story are slightly related to the science fictions based movies. The next category is family movies which are based on the sentiments, love, romance, and the fights between the people but the happy ending and so on. The motto of these movies is giving such a lesson to the people about the importance of life and the family who will be the reason for happiness and also for the sadness and also for misunderstanding among them. The genre is fantasy movies which are the most wanted movies for the children and kids. Because of the magical effects and supernatural elements will amuse the children’s mind without any doubts. The next thing is animated movies which are also for the babies who will attract quickly by the kids and most of the mothers of kids will provide the foods which are an easy trick that the children will eat and they do not even think about the amount of food that mother giving to them. So these are the common things of movies and variants which people have to understand it any more.

Kirby Thalheimer