Essential Details for the Best Homes for Sale

Brentwood TN homes for sale

At a sale, two choices are available to us: sell alone, from individual to individual or sell through a real estate agency. Both models are interesting but do not offer the same services. We will give you some advice and points of vigilance to choose the real estate agents or agencies that will market your property. The goal is to sell quickly, at a good price, while enjoying an optimal experience.

With a professional real estate agent card (T card) to carry out his activity, an agent is a real professional. With the Brentwood TN homes for sale you can have the best deal now.

He knows the tricks of the trade, the legislation and the hazards that can make you waste time and money. Thus, this professional will accompany you throughout the sales process, from negotiation to signing, to avoid at best the bad surprises.

The agent will also provide you with legal advice and a thorough follow-up of your sale, which is a plus. We advise you to work with a real estate agent with experience.

In this way, we can say that the agencies allow sellers (novices or not) to miss some mistakes, defects or problems during the sale, to avoid that the report is made at the final signing at the notary, which would delay the sale.

Position of the real estate agency and dissemination of the ad

Historically, the geographic location of the real estate agency was the most important point to choose it. Before the arrival of the internet in our daily habits, the real estate agent was the only person aware of neighborhood sales, the value of housing and buyers in active search.

Today it has changed a lot

The Internet now allows access to information. This information enables the buyer to be able, by his own means, to study the different properties for sale on a given market, to be able to compare the values ​​of these properties and to contact different real estate agencies instantly.

The buyer is now in a strong position thanks to its access to information that was historically restricted to word of mouth, directories and small ads on newspapers.

Local expertise is still a key factor in estimating a property

The real estate agent’s job and your visibility:

According to a Google study, today 90% of realized real estate projects start on the Internet.

Broadcast strength:

When choosing an agency, choose a real estate agency that has a distribution of its ads on as many ad sizes as possible. Today the showcase of the agency is mainly on the internet.

Brentwood TN homes for sale

Do not hesitate to ask real estate agents on which media your ad will end up. It is also important to ask how often the real estate agent puts his ads at the top of the list. Be careful not to have your ad on the 3rd page.

Impact of photography:

A study by Redfin has shown that professional real estate photography not only saves more money but also faster. When prospective buyers consult real estate listings, it is important that your property is attractive. This will increase the number of visits, and especially according to the same study, the professional photos can reduce the time of sale of 21 days. We advise you to consult the advertisements of the agencies in which you wish to put your good for sale before signing a mandate of sale.

Cedrick Goodyear