Points to find either you are a victim of credit card scam


To know about the credit card frauds it was from the late 1980s to the present. While these years increased the rate of theft increases and developing in many technical ways. This gives us stress but we need to be conscious about our personal information. By the latest report of Nilson, there are approximately more than 41 trillion US dollars were circulated through online transactions. You can check more details about card selling through uniccshop-bazar.cm . These days many online shopping apps are on the trend and also there are many transaction systems small apps like

  • Paypal
  • Paytm
  • Google pay
  • InstaReM

How to find that you are the victim of the scam:


Initially, you need to know how fraudulent takes place. There are majorly by two classifications. They are

  • Phishing
  • Skimming

Phishing is the usual type of fraud by thieving the information by using the link which may send through mails or by messages. In this, the scammers do not need your card on their table. Just as making it possible by the information.

Skimming is the process when you swipe your card to the shopper or retailer for your purchase they may save your details with them and charge extra for your purchase. These are not very much nowadays.

To save yourself first do not go into the links which come via email by asking your details, you may find that the mail had come from the banks, but making that image is very easy and possible by using this variety of modern techniques.

Secondly, if your purchase is from online or by in-person try to know before you swipe or giving the bank details about the seller, whether they have good reviews or not. If it seems a little odd does not make the purchase. We have a vast range of choices.

If you become a victim and even you do not have the idea about that scam it may lead to various problems. For example, if a person is creating an account with your details, while you have a good credit score. The scammer can get a loan from the bank with your identity. They will never pay back or pay the interest this will destroy your credit score. When you need to take the loan for yourself your papers will be rejected because of your bad credit score.

Everyone wants to monitor their account and also it is equally important to check your credit score. This helps to know whether you are a victim of a scam or not. There are companies and mobile apps are available to know about your credit score details freely once per year. If you want to check more than that you have to pay them the charges. Even in choosing these apps and companies, you need to check about that status because to them you have to give the bank details.

Scams can occur through calls, emails, or sometimes by in person. To be very secure you have to make a call to your bank before you reveal anything. These are some tips to find either you are a victim or not.

Noelia Mincey