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Trees are the rich natural resources which eradicate carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and give us oxygen which is a vital substance for humans to lead a life. Nowadays, many of us are indulged in growing trees to protect our environment. Growing tree in our residential area is not an easy task. In some times of storm or rain you may definitely face the problem as tree subsidies down, branches of trees may prone to fall on the electric line, and even the tree may tend to touch the cable wires so on., in such difficult times all you need is the best tree service. Tree services include tree removal, stump removal/ tree felling, tree planting and tree trimming.

What is tree stump and why should we remove it?

On removing the entire parts of a tree, there would be a small portion of the tree with the deep roots lying in the soil which is called a tree stump. Stumps have the capacity to grow into a new young plant by the process of regeneration, and the stumps will cause the growth of fungi, algae and bacteria. They become a rich culture medium for those microorganisms to develop well. This may again cause diseases to the people living around. The stagnated water in the stump may lead to the breeding of mosquitoes that may spread parasitic diseases. Removing tree stump is a difficult process, and you need to hire a tree service professional to do it. Even sometimes roots may prone to grow, and a strong root could damage sewer line, and pipelines and also roots may grow inside the damaged pipeline causing it to burst. So, removal of the tree stump is always necessary for terms of good cause. Probably, the decayed tree could affect the whole yard or garden, so hiring a professional stump removal service provider through is necessary to avoid serious consequences.

stump removal/

Stump removal process

There are two methods mainly which tree stump can be removed that is stump removal and stump grinding. Stump removal is a manual method which includes the digging process by labours. This requires shovel or few industrial types of machinery depending upon the depth of the grown roots. Stump grinding can be used to remove any tree stump. This is the process of wood chipping where a large stump is broken into a manageable piece. To remove the stump, we can also use a grinding machine called stump removing grinder. Even sometimes chemicals like potassium nitrate are used to remove the stumps where a deep hole of 45 degrees near the stump and it filled with a mixture of potassium nitrate and water. After a few days, the stump may become spongy and so easier to remove with less effort. Many people prefer to burn the stump which emits hazardous gas that may cause breathing trouble and also it is not environmental friendly. You can also eventually rot the stump to remove it by filling the high-nitrogen substances and water. If you plan to remove the tree stump, please do not do it by yourself because you may get harmed and it is better to seek the best tree service, provider.



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