CCTV Options You Must Be Sure of Now


An IP camera system can be connected directly to the computer network and gives live images that are recorded by the cameras. Through the computer network, the images can not only be viewed live on a PC, but they can also be saved. The images can also be viewed via the internet. In that case, they can also be viewed via a tablet or smartphone. So with an IP camera system, you always have access to the images from the cameras, wherever you are in the world. Discover the best now with ชุดกล้องวงจรปิด here.

Which security cameras are there?

The types of camera systems mentioned above have been briefly mentioned above. In order to provide even more information, we will now discuss this further. The first types of security cameras were analog, just like the first video cameras and televisions. With analog surveillance cameras, you have a low resolution and not many setting options. The oldest analog security cameras are still black and white, but the somewhat modern version provides a color image and has some setting options.


Because the image of analog cameras became less and less in line with modern requirements, a number of years ago a successor was devised by various companies. The following analog successors are connected in the same way, namely with a coaxial cable with a BNC plug. This is very useful if you want to upgrade your old system because you only replace the cameras and recorder, in almost all cases you can continue to use your existing cabling. There are three successors to the old-fashioned analog system, namely: HD-CVI, HD-TVI and AHD.

HD CVI, mainly sold by Dahua

Dahua has introduced HD-CVI as the successor to analog camera surveillance. In addition, the HD-CVI technique is also used by other brands to make cameras and recorders that are interchangeable with Dahua’s cameras and recorders. HD-CVI is at least 720p HD, but we also have a 1080p variant in our range.

HD-TVI, mainly sold by Hikvision

HD-TVI is mainly sold in Europe by Hikvision, it is comparable to HD-CVI and is a successor to analog cameras. In addition to Hikvision, other brands, such as Review, also use the HD-TVI technology. We have 720p HD and 1080p full HD variants of these cameras in our range.

AHD, or Analog HD, sold by various manufacturers

AHD stands for Analog HD and is sold by many different brands. It is also a technique that is used with many generic cameras and recorders. Just like HD-CVI and HD-TVI, it is a successor to Analogue. We have 720p AHD cameras and recorders in our range, but also a 1080p variant of both series.

IP cameras or network cameras

In addition to the three successors of analog camera surveillance, there are also IP cameras. Many people think of the word IP camera as a wireless security camera connected via WiFi. However, that is not necessary. IP cameras are connected to the network, that can be wireless, but we prefer a cable.

Setting up a preventive and efficient camera system also known as CCTV systems is specialized work. In particular, one must first ask what one wants to see. If you want to recognize an unwanted visitor with a camera or record a license plate, it will have to appear full screen on the monitor. It is then easy to identify.

Kirby Thalheimer