Energy Generation and the Needful Steps

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You can also generate your own energy. That is sustainable and you are less dependent on changing energy prices. People are increasingly installing solar panels on the roof to generate their own electricity. If your roof is not suitable for that, you can also buy solar panels that are installed elsewhere, invest in solar panels without buying them, or buy power from other people’s solar panels. Read on quickly if you want to know more about electricity and want to save immediately. You can Click Here and find the best options open here now.

Hot tap water or heating via the sun

You can also heat water with solar energy. Usually, it is about hot tap water, but the sun can also contribute to your central heating. You do this with a solar water heater. You receive a subsidy on the purchase of a solar water heater.

Use heat from outside with a heat pump

Finally, with a heat pump, you can heat your house in a sustainable way, for example by using heat from the outside air or groundwater. You then heat all-electric and in principle, you can cancel your gas connection. Less drastic is the option to combine a less expensive, small hybrid heat pump with an efficient HR central heating boiler to use less natural gas. You receive a subsidy on the purchase of a hybrid heat pump.

Frequently asked questions about energy

Can I save money if I switch?

Energy suppliers can only offer you a discount on the delivery costs or via a welcome discount. These costs are only part of your total energy bill. You can calculate how much you can save through our Energy Comparator.

Does it cost money to switch to another energy supplier?

No, you will not be charged for the costs incurred when switching. If you terminate the contract prematurely, the old supplier may charge a cancellation fee.

Can my energy supplier switch off my electricity if I do not pay the bill on time?

You must pay your bill for gas and electricity on time. If you do not, you will first receive a reminder. If you also do not pay the remainder, the supplier can take out your gas and electricity. If you are unable to pay your bill on time, try to make a payment arrangement with your supplier.

Your energy bill down

Buying energy together is advantageous. Join the Energy Collective and save up to hundreds of dollars. We arrange everything for you.

Do I have to get electricity and gas from the same energy supplier?

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No, you can choose to purchase electricity and gas from different energy suppliers. Gas and electricity from the same supplier are often cheaper. What is the difference between a network manager and an energy supplier? The network manager is responsible for the installation of the networks and the transport of electricity or gas. You cannot choose another network operator, because this is tied to your place of residence.

Do you want information about electricity or would you rather compare electricity directly? It is possible here on this page. Nowadays you can quickly save hundreds of dollars by comparing electricity suppliers with each other. This is possible with our handy comparator. It is also possible to compare green electricity, which is very handy for the enthusiast of the environment.

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