Enjoy the Virtual Travel to Some Secret lands

Amazing Race

It is a common wish for people to travel around the world for visiting some famous sites. But many people do not have the opportunity to travel to some distant lands due to various reasons such as economic issues and some health issues. Thus, to aid these kinds of people the technological development is used in a great way by introducing Virtual Amazing Race . This facility will help those people to travel to distant lands of the world just at their convenient time and space. The only requirement of this virtual amazing race is the laptop or desktop with the internet facility to download the programs.

The virtual amazing race is widely used by many people to visit some interesting places around the globe. One can explore any secret places of the world interestingly with the use of laptops from their comfort zone. The people who wish to travel will be formed as teams and they will travel together virtually. The making teams of virtual amazing team will schedule the event as per the number of participants. The minimum number of members for a virtual race is 5 and the maximum number can extend till 50. The members will have to register through the email address.

Amazing Race

Timely Guideline of Making Teams:

The people who have registered through the email address will be given the schedule of the event one week earlier. The making teams of the virtual amazing race will send an invitation to the participants through the mail. This email will also consist of some instructions to the people along with the direct links for participating in the virtual race. Thus, the making teams will arrange the event properly and guide the participants in a perfect manner. The programs such as Zoom meetings and Google earth will be used for the virtual amazing race. These programs are chosen by the making team as they will be easy to access from any place in the world.

The programs which have been mentioned in the mail should be downloaded by the participants in their devices and should be installed properly. The participants can use the desktop or the laptops for a better experience of the virtual amazing race. These devices will be very effective for virtual travel. The participants of the travel will be divided into teams as mentioned earlier and they will be given some interesting tasks during the virtual travel. The travel to some famous sites along with the other team members will be extra fun and thrill.

Add Extra Thrill to Your Travel:

All the participants will be connected through the program either in the zoom meeting or in Google Earth. The meeting will display all the other members on a single screen and they will be given some challenges to overcome to reach the final destination. The members of a team should perform with great zeal to reach the end destination faster. The team which performs very faster than the other teams will win in the challenge and get the clue for the next location.

Jann Lasher