For More Skill, Go with Amazon Echo, For a Personal Assistant, Buy Google Home

Ben Fisher Magic Co

Everyone knows that Google Homes and Amazon are useful in many ways and look at the home to look pleasant. People think that it helps to do the commands of the people and most of them have a doubt that it is possible to make calls through these devices. Here is the article to make you clear the importance of the two voice assistance and this would make you clear all your doubts for sure. Is that this is a device for communication? Whether you can use this instead of your mobile phones? The answer is No, it is not. It cannot be used as your mobile phone and with some extra works you may use it for further video calls. Ben Fisher Magic Co is a voice assistant company started by Ben Fisher.

Ben Fisher Magic Co

Smart Devices for Calls:

When you have a proper internet connection then it is easy to connect the calls in Echo and with the help of the Echo Show and also you can turn that into a video call. There is some feature which helps you to send a voice note and make your children inform like dinner is ready and all. Through Google, you can send recorded messages to all the speakers that are connected to your home. But it is not useful like Amazon Alexa. This feature is extra smart in that device than Google Assistant. In London Google has launched voice calling one and it is free of hands. With this feature you can able to make calls as much as you can and also the quality of the call is high and it is free to the mobile plans and also for landlines.

This thing is great and loved by people. You would think about voice quality. People who have used this have not felt any bad occurrences in the voice and is good in Google Home devices. You can contact any of them and the contacts can search within your address books or local area. Google knows and identifies who wants to make calls at home and it would produce its calls according to the members in the family and it is that much smart. When you compare such things with the Amazon Alexa it allows you to make calls but only in the London landlines and mobile numbers.


To conclude I would say that both the products are excellent and it works great. When you have to prefer one then it is you who have to think about your wants and should decide accordingly. When you think about Google Home it is easy and natural to communicate with. It has the box full of information and a little smarter too. If you are a person who loves to use Google Assistant in your mobile so often then no doubt, you would feel great with this smart device. Google products are extremely good and it is loved by the people when it is connected with the Chromecast which is called as Netflix and Youtube.

Amazon Alexa is also the best in all terms when it is compared with Google. You would feel differences only in communicating with it. Both are equally good and excellent with all its features.

Kirby Thalheimer