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There is a popular saying that god prevails in the place of cleanliness. A clean society will bring us a healthy environment which keeps us away from the pandemic disease such as covid’19.  Cleaning the equipment and the environment helps us to lead a strong and healthier life. Cleaning the garage doors is a concept here. Cleanings the Garage Doors Brentwood can be done by some of the simpler steps.

Those steps are explained here.

Gather all the clean supplies

A soft and clean cloth should be used to clean the door, other necessary things are gentle soap, soapy water to wash the doors, a broom and a silicon wax for the doors made of steel, aluminum or fibreglass. Dish wash soaps and car cleaning soaps will give the best result to the doors as they are mild. Mild soaps are enough as the door doesn’t accept the stains. Once if you wipe the stain with dish wash it will be removed in a second and it is always clean and neat. There is no need to strain for cleaning the doors. If there is any heavy stain use a little amount of detergent with the measure of phosphate in 0.5%. Waxing the door once a year helps in preventing the doors from damage. The liquid spray of wax will give a better result for doors. Liquid wax spreads to all the parts of the doors even the nook and corner of the door.

Garage Doors Brentwood

Brush and Pre-Rinse the door

Wipe all the dust with a broom or dry cloth as a first step in the process of cleaning. Then water the door with the help of a hose to remove the minor particles of dust that are settled on the edges of the doors. It should not be pressurized but not hose can be used to wipe the dust stayed in a particular area.

Soap usage

Rinse the clean dry towel in soapy water rinse it and clean the door with the help of a wet cloth it once again removes the dust particles that remain there. If needs weather stripping can also be used to remove the hard stains settled in the door. If the door is directly facing the sun and cool climate means there remains dust in a settled form. Washing it with soap helps to remove the strains.

Rinsing, Drying and Waxing

Rinse the door with the help of a hose to clean the doors until the soap gets cleared. This is the process of rinsing. After rinsing drying the door with a soft cloth is necessary then only the waxing process can be started. Waxing is done on a dry surface. Some of the wax can be applied on the wet surface. Read the instruction carefully to do the process of waxing. Waxing can be done from top to bottom and across the doors then repeat the same on the downside to finish the door waxing.

The same process is to be done in the interior to keep it clean. It is quite an easier one to clean as its dust is quite low when compared to the exterior side. The rollers have to be lubricated to roll it freely otherwise it will be stuck in between. This is the process of cleaning and if the doors are to be cleaned and waxed in a regular interval of 12 months.

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