Key Features of Full LED Screen Billboards

LED screens

It is a kind of screen display that is equipped with a component that allows the users to access video display on a small screen or large screen using light-emitting diodes. Usually, the LED screens are typically used for outdoors in billboards and store signs, but in the present era, they had come a long way and become frequently used as a location sign to illuminate public transport vehicles as well. Very few people know that these screens are also known as LCD screens. All the information available on screen is displayed by LCD, but the backlighting consists of even the LED variety. Other types of display technology, that are popular are known as digital light processing (DLP) or plasma screens, which does not have LED backlighting.

LED screens

There are around 16,596 full led screen billboards suppliers across Asia. One of the top supplying countries of these kinds of screens in China (Mainland), Russian Federation. Due to their bright light, these kinds of screens are widely popular and used for advertising different products on streets which illuminate the screen and display the product very well at night and are also part of transport vehicles to avoid accidents at night on highways. They are today well equipped in TVs with HD quality and are known as LED TVs and their screens are available in different measurements such as 10mm, 25mm, and 16mm. These screens can be mounted on poles, fixed on walls or directly placed on TV units depending on the usage by the user. Other than white the other colored screens for both indoor and outdoor video display.


Key Features of Full LED Screens:


  1. These types of LED screens are more advantageous than the typical type of screens which are displayed with backlighting and noted as superior products.
  2. Such type of screens turns on quickly, provides very vivid for white lighting, less prone to breaking and lasts for a longer
  3. These screens also provide a high-quality picture to the viewer
  4. The LED serves its purpose for a long time
  5. One of the most sought-after benefits of this kind of screen is that they are very white. When you look at the white screen of their computer then they can find that each pixel displays a white color.
  6. Every LED has backlighting which finds out the color vividness. These types of screens turn on fast and provide immediate bright lighting as they do. Thanks to a diode that has a rapid warm-up feature to light and made for such type of screens to illuminate immediately for billboards.


Choose a screen that is LED, that is vivid and can be used for both the indoor or outdoor purposes that are common in whole Asia and become part of every home. Buy it for personal use or use them for a business purpose to advertise your products and get noticed by all. They are very bright and give you HD clear picture with great pixel and turn on very fast and are advantageous to serve their purpose for a long time.

Kirby Thalheimer