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rolex replica

Although branded sites work only with original watches, many people ask in chat if it is worth buying replicas of branded watches. This depends a lot on what you are looking for, your requirement for quality and of course the amount you intend to invest in the product. To get rid of all doubts professionals have separated the advantages and disadvantages of buying original or replica watches. Check it out below about the rolex replica .

rolex replica

Copy of watches

Many people end up opting to buy replica watches for the price as it is a replica depending on it costs 10x less than an original designer watch for example. However, not everyone can verify the quality of the replica and do not question the websites that sell this type of product. There are several types of replicas, which are separated by quality standard, they are:

AAA Replica

These are replica watches that come closer to the original quality standard. Very popular in brands like Rolex, Invicta, Gucci, etc., which have a higher price. The durability and toughness are not the same as the original and there are many complaints that some replicas spoil or are defective in a few weeks. But if you stick to price rather than quality, it’s worth it.

Replica A or AA:

These watches are much cheaper than the original, but have a bad finish in design and quality, spoiling the product very quickly. Since watch replica sites are hardly guaranteed, some online stores end up deceiving consumers by selling A or AA replicas as AAA. You will hardly find an original Invicta or Diesel for under $ 350, $ 400.00. So be careful and ask your question before you buy.

Advantages of buying a replica:

  • Priced well below original
  • Great for gifting if you don’t want to invest a high value on an original watch

Disadvantages of buying replica:

  • Generally, watches do not have a factory warranty. Leaving you on hand when the product goes bad.
  • Low durability, usually a good replica lasts around 3 to 6 months
  • Fast Wear: Because parts are not of the quality of an original, wear on a replica can be quite fast.
  • For those who demand quality and durability, buying an original watch is the best option for you.
  • Be aware that despite the high investment you will probably have a lifetime watch, factory warranty and incredible quality.
  • Invicta and Diesel for example offer a 2 to 5-year warranty on their watches and the average durability is 6 to 12 years without wear.
  • If you love watches and when you forget to put on your wrist it seems that something is missing, you need to get your original watch.

Advantages of buying original model:

  • Long durability, some have a lifetime warranty
  • Factory Warranty
  • Easy maintenance
  • Original parts
  • No defects in movement and watch functions

Disadvantages of buying an original watch:

  • Depending on the make and model, the price may be much higher compared to a replica.

After all, which one to choose

  • This varies greatly in profile, occasion and the amount you intend to invest.
  • Both have advantages and disadvantages.
  • If you are looking for a cheap gift or even just wear watches from time to time then replica may be a better option.

Leave it in the comments if you prefer original or replica watches and if you have any questions with us feel free to.

Cedrick Goodyear