escape room singapore

Escape room MaffiaBende is the escape room experience for the home. Is a unique experience full of puzzles and excitement, will you manage to escape? As you choose the escape room singapore you can expect the best results.

Escape room game the Mafia gang

Have you ever played a real Escape room? Then you know how fun and exciting an Escape Room game is.  You are a huge fan of playing and escaping from an Escape room. You have played an Escape room game several times with our group of friends and each time you go home full of adrenaline and bouncing. In an hour or sometimes you are trying to get through various rooms on the way to the liberating exit. Then a wonderful evaluation and retrospective about what happened, what went wrong and what went well in these rooms.

escape room singapore

Your challenge was therefore to make your own Escape Room game, but one that can be played at any desired location. Making your own Escape Room game to play at your own location was therefore high on our list. Since always offer group games to play at your own desired location, it was a challenge to develop this game.

Do you have a location where you can temporarily use 4 rooms? Then you transform your location into your own Escape Room in about 2 hours. And just play. This game is therefore ideal to play at home, but also, for example, during a weekend away with the family or group of friends. And how about playing at work? 4 rooms and they really don’t all have to be connected to each other and all your colleagues can take turns entering and puzzle their way out in groups of 2 to 4 people.

What is an Escape Room?

When playing an Escape Room game, you will be locked in a room that is locked. You look for all kinds of information within the room and try to find a solution with that information. This is usually a code with which the door can be unlocked. Escape room puzzles require good cooperation and communication with your fellow players. Thinking out loud with each other in order to succeed together in coming out within the set time. And the team that finds its way out the fastest is the winner of the game.

Escape room game the Mafia gang, the story

The most dangerous mafia gang in our country has captured your group and locked it in a house. They think your group is a rival gang. You were blindfolded, thrown into a van and taken to an enclosure. You also have no idea where you are and the settings of your phones have been adjusted by the gang members so that they cannot be traced by the police.

Escape room game combination lock

9 out of 10 gang members have since been arrested, except for the gang leader. He is on his way to the accommodation to cover all traces and then board the plane to a warm and faraway place.

But yes, erasing traces doesn’t bode well for you. In 100 minutes, the gang leader will be back to kill you. So the only way out is to escape within time. The gang leader has secured the rooms with codes. Will you be able to find out the codes with all the information you find in the rooms. This is the only way to escape within 100 minutes.

Jann Lasher