The Children and Psychotherapy

bravo psicologo catania

Children easily use the game to express themselves. For the bravo psicologo catania the challenges ate not small for the children.

bravo psicologo catania

How do we know if my child needs psychological counseling?

It is more difficult to know how to detect malaise in a child since the child does not use the same language. He will not say, “Mom, I’ll have to go see a psychiatrist”. In children up to 7-8 years old, often a person or the expression of unresolved trauma is manifested by a change in behavior or energy level (hyperactivity or total apathy). We can often note the appearance of symptoms (repeated nightmares, enuresis, presence of regressive behavior, aggressive or morbid behavior, the child can also cry, it is not uncommon to note that the problems also arise in others context, the child does not go to school, gets into a fight. Depression can take many forms in the child, as a general rule it will be emphasized that the child who needs treatment cannot function according to his or her regular abilities. Often with children, the treatment is shorter than with adults the commitment of the parent and ideally of both parents is an essential factor of success.

How do we work with children?

The language of the child is more diversified than that of the adult. The child does not necessarily know how to put words on his pain, nor recognize it. To express oneself the child constantly uses projective spaces, games, drawing, clay, are for the child’s natural means to express themselves. we use multiple channels of expression in my work with the child to allow the child to feel comfortable and speak in a language that is known to him. For example, the sandbox technique allows the child to create and tell stories in a simple sandbox with miniatures.

  • This technique is proven to treat many disorders.wealso use puppets, and some drawing techniques as well as the use of therapeutic tales or metaphors. An essential element of therapeutic success and that the child comes with pleasure to consultations. Therapy must be an important moment in a child’s life. Often children tell me, “It’s the end but we just started, when can we come back?” “.
  • In these cases, the time as in the game space, undergoes a distortion, as if you were watching an extraordinary movie. This is where we witness rapid and sometimes dramatic progress.

It is often difficult for parents to come and see for their children, secretly or avowedly parents feel they have failed, have not done enough. They are often terribly afraid of being blamed, judged by the expert even implicitly. we consider parents to be more than just allies. wear only a visitor in a family for a break. It is they who do the 100 percent of the work (if we may say so).wealso have, to be a mother, deep respect for the role of a parent. we know how to appreciate the incredible pressures that a demanding and constantly changing society has on parents.

  • If the individual does not do this to speak his thoughts, then all these unconscious formations will take the place of the word and remain incomprehensible to the one who suffers. The neurotic symptom, in particular, only takes the place of the words which until now have not yet been put.
Noelia Mincey