About hosting countries and process of biding in Euro 2020

بث مباشر يورو 2020

The euro 2020, is referred to as a football tournament. The UEFA is usually abbreviated as Union of European Championship, which used to organize the matches and as well players. The common references of UEFA are,

  • UEFA Euro 2020
  • Euro 2020.

The euro 2020 have been scheduled for a sixteenth champion, for men in a quadrennial international championship in Europe, which is organized by a UEFA (Union of European Football Associations).

This Euro بث مباشر مباريات, will be held in eleven cities in almost eleven UEFA countries. The organizers in UEFA used to schedule the match-in date from twelfth June to twelfth July in the year 2020. The organizers of UEFA, have postponed the match due to the pandemic issue of COVID 19 and the match has been rescheduled from the date of June eleven to July eleven. There is another reason to post pond the competition, is nothing but to reduce the pressure between the public or people in almost affected countries. There are twenty-four teams used to play Euro 2020 in the venue of eleven cities.

Hosting countries

بث مباشر يورو 2020

As we said before the tournament of Euro 2020, used to hold in almost eleven countries, they are

  • England
  • Hungary
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Azerbaijan
  • Italy
  • Romania
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Scotland. These are the eleven countries that host the tournament of Euro 2020.


There are some of the stadiums that have been chosen for a tournament Euro 2020. The stadium Olimpico in the place of Rome has been chosen for the opening game schedule which mainly involves the place of Turkey and as well the host in Italy. The tournament should be held in thirteen venues, the two hosts have removed later, the venues are In the year of 2017, the stadium Brussels have removed, And in the year of 2021 April, Dublin stadium has removed.

Process of biding

Some countries have expressed their interest in a bid of a host in the tournament, the president of UEFA has announced in the press conference the idea of biding in twelve to thirteen countries. By the time, UEFA has used the system of under seventeen championships, in which the seven more groups can host by different countries.


The European countries used to follow some format in making decisions, the tournament will be held in multiple cities across the country of Europe in marking the presence of sixty the anniversary. According to the UEFA, the critics which have cited in an expanded format like from thirty-one matches they would find the features of sixteen and as well from fifty-one they feature twenty-four. This gets associated with the additional costs in decisive factors.


The bidding venues were published by the UEFA, in the decision of a host. The bids are of two types in final packages that are the successful way yet to be marked with blue color for final and as well for semi-final. And the other is of nineteen bids, this bit stand for a standard one, this type of bit used to have 12 successful, which is said to be marked with the color of green in the group stage and as well in quarterfinals, the yellow color for the group stage and as well for under sixteen ones.

Noelia Mincey