Can steroids cause weight gain?

Nandrolone cypionate

Steroids are powerful drugs which help you in eliminating hormonal deficiencies. There are different varieties of steroids. One among them is used during the workout. The steroids which are taken during a workout are also known as anabolic steroids. Most of them are androgenic as they affect the balance of testosterone in your body. Testosterone has got a very huge role to play in the body and this is why steroids like Nandrolone cypionate are getting popular.

Nandrolone cypionate

In case of a healthy person, the body regulates the amount of testosterone which it produces. If you interfere with it may cause it to go against the natural order of your body. Overusing of steroid can result in catastrophic results for the body including an enlarged forehead, baldness,and weight gain.

Why do steroids cause weight gain?

There are mainly two reasons for steroids to cause weight and none of them are actually healthy. Steroidsincrease the rate of producing muscles by the body and also makes you hungry. You might find these to be good since your growth is enhanced. You will be needing more proteins and calories but steroids also tend to increases your hunger and you end up being hungrier than what you need to be. In this way, you are gaining weight.

Another cause for weight gain due to steroids is because of its ability to promote fluid retention. Holding more fluid in your body is definitely going to cause your weight to gain. Steroids have an impact on the balance of sodium and other electrolytes in the body which causes the steroids to cause fluid retention. Electrolytes are very important for keeping our body hydrated and for the processing of fluids. Additionally, fluid retention can cause problems related to high blood pressure which most of the steroids cause.

How to avoid gaining weight on steroids?

You need to keep a constant check on your calorie consumption.  You need to keep a note of every single thing which you consume. Excess of calories could cause you to gain water weight. You will also require to moderate your diet. You will have to avoid refined carbohydrates whichare present in pasta and white bread. They have no real carbohydrates content and only increase the blood sugar level. Steroids also make your body sensitive to blood sugar spikes. It could be very dangerous if you eat refined carbohydrates while using steroids. Refined carbohydrates also digest quickly, making you hungry. You can avoid this is by eating a meal with quality proteins and complex carbohydrates.

In order to prevent yourself from overeating, you should eat more often. You should small meals throughout the day rather than having only three or four-bid meals in a day. Doing so will allow your body to have a consistent flow of nutrients flowing through your body. If you are able to maintain your calorie, this is a better and healthier way to live. Also, remember to drink a lot of water as it will keep your


Careful using of the steroids will prevent any bad impact on your body.

Noelia Mincey