Essential Steps to Choose the Immigration Lawyers for Your Choice

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The solicitor’s task is to express the idea of ​​clearly giving advice, to make sure that his words are understood clearly. The solicitor should be objective in his conclusions about the options for resolving the case, not be biased based on the facts of the case, give recommendations on how to get out of the situation strictly according to the law, the most important thing is that it is unacceptable to give guarantees, make conclusions. The immigration solicitors in london can be the best example here.

Right Choices

If a solicitor is appointed without fail, he is obliged to explain to the authorized client about the right to choose a solicitor by consent. A solicitor does not have the right to defend his point of view of the defense without coordination with the client, no matter how fair this is, and he cannot plead guilty if the client denies any guilt. If a person confirms guilt, but there is no evidence, the duty of the defense is to identify the motives of this act, and then, in agreement with the client, he has the right to have a free opinion. And if the client’s acceptance of guilt is caused by unlawful manipulations of the prosecutors, the defense counsel is obliged to do everything in his power to remove this situation.

immigration solicitors in london

The intercessor must have high attention to the person entrusted to him, who is under arrest, since he is socially, physically isolated, without contacts, he suffers the pain mentally and physically in prison. This necessarily affects the assessment of reality. if the client’s wishes are against the law, or if he asks to act in an unlawful way, or wants to use risky means that are not morally untrustworthy and cannot be supported in any other way, the solicitor must step aside from him.


The payment of the cost of services is ethically important. it is agreed upon by both parties. The solicitor substantiates the determination of the amount of the fee, taking into account the following criteria: the complexity of the case.

  • Time spent he has other clients.
  • Customer capabilities at the moment.
  • Experience of a solicitor.
  • The price of the service should be adequate.

If the solicitor conducts the case and is appointed by the judges or investigators, then the amount of payment will be state.

Ethical behavior of a solicitor in relation to colleagues

Codex Laws of ethics of a solicitor in a lawsuit. One of the main rules is an honest attitude to the court. A solicitor shall not have the right to influence the course of a court by giving false information, knowingly presenting false papers, deliver false information, and allow inaccuracies in the interpretation of the law, legal acts or court practices, consciously prove that there is no logical substantiation in court or say something that has not yet been proven. rules regarding working with witnesses. In no case should he lead away from evidence in court by persuasion, or advise eyewitnesses not to go to court, knowingly allow the court to give false or incomplete evidence of facts. using his status, to solicit a witness, blame them for giving inaccurate or false information, affect their personal life, without reason to persuade something, quarrel.

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