Sinus infection cure: fantastic home remedies that can give you relief instantly

Home Remedy

Those who suffered from sinus infection know how the annoying symptoms can ruin their typical day to day routine. Antibiotics don’t help if the cause is a virus or any kind of airborne element. Though sinus infection usually gets better within a few days, it can make you feel very sick for at least a couple of days. Here we are going to tell you a few little known secret Home Remedy that will help you to recover very quickly.

Home Remedy

Salt-water gargling: A sore throat is never fun, and gargling with salt water helps to relieve the pain. I place half to one teaspoon of salt in a glass and add 8 ounces of warm water to it. Then I swirl it around until the salt is fully dissolved. This warm water solution is not only soothing for a scratchy throat, but it also helps to pull some of the water out from the tissue, thereby reducing the swelling. It also helps to flush out mucus and bacteria in the throat. We take a mouthful of the solution and gargle for 30 seconds; then, spit it out and repeat the process until the entire eight ounces are gone.

A facial steam with oregano: Take some of that boiling water and make facial steam. One thing I like to add to the water is about one teaspoon of dried oregano. If you don’t have oregano in your home, you can improvise and use some Italian seasoning which has oregano in it. Oregano is known for its strong antibacterial properties, and this concoction helps to loosen the congestion in the passages. Steam is an excellent home remedy that will help to soothe and open your nasal passages. We inhale the vapor for about 10 to 15 minutes, and this leads perfectly into the next home remedy.

Salt-water rinse: Sinus rinses have so many benefits, especially when you’re down with the cold. It is very important for you to use sterilized water in this process. Use that previously boiled filtered tap water, or you can also use bottled distilled water. The water should be at body temperature. So, once the water boils, I like to pour it in a clean mug until it cools to the proper temperature. Once the water is cold, you can start making the mixture. To prepare 8 ounces of the rinsed solution, I add a quarter teaspoon of non-iodized salt. I’m using regular sea salt purchased from the grocery store. You can use pink Himalayan sea salt, which I think would be a good candidate as well. However, whatever you choose, you want to make sure that the ingredient only states that it has salt in it and nothing else. The other thing we add is a quarter teaspoon of baking soda. This is the secret for not experiencing that burning sensation when you rinse your nose. Pour the warm water into the pot, place the lid on, and gently swirl the mixture so that the salt and baking soda can all dissolve in the water.

Noelia Mincey