The Right Cleaning At the Right Weather

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When the good weather arrives, there is also the desire to take back our interior. The big spring cleaning is part of this need for renewal. It’s a bit like waking up at the same time as nature comes out of winter. As far as you are concerned, If you are looking forward to this big house cleaning where you do not think about anything. You have the impression of doing well with each new blow of sponge spent. And it’s not just an impression. So what are the tips and benefits of the great spring cleaning for our interior, our physical and mental well-being? For the choice of شركة تنظيف اثاث بجدة this is one important matter now.

Household utility for our interior and our decoration

With time and use, objects get dirty, take dust. A stroke of clean is then necessary to restore their brightness. The main purpose of spring cleaning is to restore the surfaces and decorative elements to their initial cleanliness. This allows extending their life while beautifying our interior.

The physical benefits of the great spring cleaning

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A good cardiovascular session in perspective is required. In fact, the household generates on average a physical activity equivalent to that of walking. However, the energy expended is very variable depending on the actions. For example, dusting a green plant has nothing to do with vacuuming. Another positive effect of cleaning is the reduction in the number of allergens in the house. For people with allergies, it helps to reduce seizures and improve their well-being.

The psychological effects of the big spring cleaning

Do you know that the household effort and its result, that is, a clean and tidy interior, generate the release of endorphins into our nervous system? These pleasure-related neurotransmitters enhance our well-being and self-esteem while soothing us. Our everyday objects our place of life is an extension of ourselves. Each cleaned object allows you to remember the memories associated with it. A clean and orderly environment acts positively on our thoughts.

So taking care of your interior is also good for yourself.

In addition to the physical and psychological benefits that the great spring cleaning gives us, it also reduces certain risks to our health. White checkered windows, white porcelain vases, flowers, eco deco, natural deco, slow design, and slow deco.

What are we trying to limit?

The mites are part of the family of Arachnids, insects with 8 legs, which also include spiders and scorpions. The ones we are interested in are mites that live in the dust. The hotter and wetter it is, the faster their reproductive cycle. Now, winter is the time when we least breathe our interior, while sometimes overheating it. These conditions create the ideal ground for the multiplication of these insects.

Mites are not dangerous for our health. They simply feed on our dead skin. However, their droppings cause allergies that manifest themselves by sneezing, rhinitis, redness of the eyes, watery eyes or even asthma attacks.

Where do mites live in our homes?

Dependent on us, mites accompany us everywhere: mattresses, sheets, stuffed animals, curtains, rugs, carpets and furniture. There would be between 2000 and 10,000 mites per gram of dust and they would be up to 2 million in a bed. It makes a lot of people.

The molds

They are microscopic fungi, there are many species. The molds spread their spores in the air with each stream of air.

Kirby Thalheimer